How To Easily Go From Spoiled Brat To Adult

You will not necessarily be rolling in the dough when you first graduate. Write out a yearly plan and figure out how long it will take you to take over your bills officially.

Take over some bills

Please determine what you can afford in terms of rent, food, clothing, transportation, and entertainment based on your income, create a budget and stick to it.


Speaking of paying for your things, it would also be time to do your taxes yourself. I know I am throwing a lot of big stuff at you but doing your taxes isn’t that bad.

Do Your Taxes

Your savings fund provides a cushion for anything going wrong such as new tires, emergency doctor’s visit, or whatever you may find yourself facing.

Start a savings fund, and add money to it

Now, I make my appointments, buttttt still call my mom and only call when she tells me to. S ill bad, but as I said, I have relapses

Book your appointment

How To Easily Go From Spoiled Brat To Adult