6 Important Issues Single Women Face

As pestering and annoying as my relatives are, I know in both my heart and mind that what I’m doing (or not doing) and where I am in life is exactly where I’m meant to be.

1. Relatives and Relationships

225 million women don’t have access to family planning methods, resulting in millions of unplanned pregnancies, which contribute to the number of unsafe abortions that women resort to.

2. Reproductive Health and Rights

The rate of pay should be the same between both genders in the same position. Our best advice is to determine what your skills are worth.

3. Gender Wage Gap

If you look around, the role models available for young women and teenage girls are seemingly few and far between.

4. Role Models

Sexual harassment has very little to do with the clothes that we wear. We’re expected to cover up, but not the point of being a prude

5. Sexual Harassment

10 Important Issues Single Women Face