Home Improvement 101: 5 Ways to Use a Personal Loan for a New Project

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Home renovations have sparked since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand. Especially within 2020, the popularity of home improvement and renovation increased in the country. Even after the pandemic has lost its severity, home renovation remains one of the top trends.

Home improvement is a profitable hobby. It improves the quality of your living and increases the value of your home. Strategically, home improvement is a beneficial investment, as a remodeled home offers twice or even thrice its original value to potential buyers twice or thrice.

The Price of Home Improvement Projects

Despite its charms, home improvement is a decision that requires calculated decision-making. Kiwis in New Zealand normally spend around NZD 2000 plus or minus 10 percent per square meter for renovating the property.

Home improvements can be expensive--but personal loans allows you to personalize your home!

The prices can vary significantly depending on many factors like scale and renovation area. An affordable way to facilitate the home renovation process is by taking personal loans. It is common among homeowners who want to borrow a small amount.

While considering the option of personal loans, you will want to choose a suitable lender. Many personal loan lenders in New Zealand can facilitate you in the process. The best personal loans offer low-interest rates, flexible loan payments, repayment terms, and limited fees.

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After securing a personal loan, you will want to spend money improving your homes to ensure a good ROI (return on investment). With that said, the following are tips on improving your home using personal loans.

Improving the Kitchen

There is a good reason for upgrading your kitchen because people spend a lot of their time and energy there. If you are selling your house, your kitchen is the first place your buyers will look at. While remodeling your kitchen, you can potentially improve the electricity consumption by replacing the old appliances with new ones.

A good kitchen design will make you want to cook more often than not!

Often, the older appliances aren’t built to deal with electrical hazards, while the newer devices promote a safety culture through their efficient design. By remodeling the kitchen, you are making it better and safer. So, make sure to remodel your kitchen to modern designs to improve its value further.  

An architectural point of view can do your kitchen wonders. You can free up some space while adding cabinets for improved storage. You will also want to change the lighting of your kitchen appropriately. It is a cheap fix, and a few lighting fixtures can go a long way.

You can give your kitchen either a clean and chic look or go for more classic designs. You will get a significant ROI (return on investment) if you do it right. Kitchen renovation has led to even a 100% ROI in some of the hottest markets.

Upgrading Bathrooms

One of the best ways to ensure a high ROI is to work on functional areas like bathrooms. A little bit of tweaking can go a long way. Consider, for example, replacing the vanity. Often, the bathrooms utilize embedded vanity with custom cabinets. Try replacing that with a free-standing model.

Improving your bathroom will allow it to be the oasis you need it to be!

If you’re running low on funds, you can go for replacing a section of tiles instead of tiling the entire area. Or consider simply whitewashing the walls if they don’t need a major rework. Like the kitchen, a few lighting fixtures can make a significant difference in the bathroom.

You will also want to change kitchen accessories like faucets, cabinets, or the sink. You can find many affordable and modern designs for them. A simple change of handles and doorknobs can also do wonders. Consider changing bathtubs or showers if necessary.

Making Floor Improvements

Giving your house a new floor treatment can be one of the best things you can do for your home. Consider looking for a few options of inexpensive flooring. You will find a lot when you scour the market.

Floor replacements can do a lot to improve your house. It will remove all those cracks or fissures in the tiles all across the house. The renovated floors will significantly enhance their value by giving a new look to your home.

Consider changing tiles for better insulation or adding a new texture to your house floors. Your house will have a more elegant and sophisticated look after renovations.

For budget-friendly options, you can opt for selective floor renovations. For example, changing the floor tiles of your rooftop might not be that beneficial. However, a simple polishing or changing tiles of the front porch can make a significant impact.

Finishing the Basement

High-income buyers find a finished basement very attractive. It improves the quality of your home and enhances the quality of your living. Before finishing the basement or doing a renovation, you will want to ask a few questions.

What should your basement look like? Should it look like one of those comfortable bedrooms? Or should it give off the appearance of a storage unit? Perhaps you want to create a home office or an extra place for guests. Whatever is your requirement, you will want to add relevant upgrades to your basement.

A finished basement is another way of a good ROI, along with kitchens and bathrooms. Consider drywall, flooring, and painting according to the theme you have chosen for your basement.

Renovating Bedrooms

Bedrooms are another category of functional rooms in houses. A simple renovation can attract potential buyers. Since your bedroom is like your sanctuary, its renovation will also positively impact your way of living.

A new bedroom can help you relax and get your best sleep

Through the major renovation of your bedrooms, you will free up a lot of space. Get rid of the clutter, and do a major revamp, including painting and tiling. You can also go for another lighting fixture that can give your room a darker or lighter ambiance.

Some people create double the amount of storage by well-placed cabinets and attached drawers to the bed. It also frees up major space while decluttering your bedroom effectively. In case of paint is peeling off the walls, you will want to add layers of color where the wall needs a rework. Or you can opt for the option of whitewash.


Home renovation is one of the best ways to improve your quality of living and increase the value of your house. It is a profitable long-term strategy. A good home renovation model ensures an excellent ROI (return on investment).

Since home renovation requires tuning up your finances, people usually turn to their savings or personal loans. To ensure that the money is well spent, the best practice is to renovate the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, and bedrooms.

Through the renovation of functional areas, the value of a house becomes two to three times its original price.

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