Is Renting a Storage Unit a Waste of Money?

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People rent storage units for a wide variety of purposes and they store an amazing selection of items in them. Depending on who you ask, paying to rent a storage unit can either be a worthwhile investment, or a massive waste of money. The truth is, it can be both. Renting storage is an added cost that you have to think through as carefully as you do any other rental commitment. If getting a storage unit seems like the right thing to do, there are things to consider and mistakes to avoid so it doesn’t become a waste of your money. Done correctly, it can be the one thing that allows you to do more with your life than you expect.

boxesWhat are you storing and why?

The simple answer is, “stuff because I don’t have room for it at home.” That is not a good enough reason to get involved with a storage rental contract. Half of the time, the reason you don’t have room for the “stuff” is that it is the stuff you don’t use or need anymore, but don’t know how to get rid of it. If it is exercise or sporting equipment you only use during a certain season it may be a better choice to sell it. The same goes for old beds and other furniture. Only rent to store these if you are planning a move within a year or, in the same time frame, your child is getting their first apartment. Why only a year? Things become too outdated and if a move doesn’t happen in a year, it’s probably not a realistic idea.

Short Term Storage Rental

One of the best uses for storage involves short term rentals. This is when you need the extra space to help you solve a problem. The problem could be anything from trying to clean up your house to make it more presentable for potential buyers to having a place to store an inherited estate until you have a chance to sort through it. Another common short term usage is to rent a storage space to help make room for home projects. Next time when you renovate, put the furniture in storage rather than wedging it around the house.

Long Term Rentals

Long term storage rental can be expensive. Depending on the size and type of storage needed, you could spend several hundreds of dollars a month keeping things you don’t see. That doesn’t mean it is a wasted expense. Many things change in life and jobs these days require travel and relocation. The moves are often temporary, but the new temporary may last several years. Fairlake Storage solves these problems by allowing you to put the majority of your items in storage, so you don’t lose out on what you have built just because you have to move for a while. Another wise reason for long term storage is to help you build toward the future. You can slowly find the things you want for your dream home or business, and stash them away until you can afford to make the leap into a new life.

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