Lady Lennia Courtney Martin on Amusement Parks and Eating Healthy

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Lady Lennia Courtney Martin on Amusement Parks and Eating Healthy

Well, this week is “fun week.” I am doing all sorts of fun stuff with my kids before they leave for MS. We are definitely going to the beach, carnival on Tuesday, and possibly Oceanbreeze Waterpark. A really good way to save money with carnivals/fairs is by checking to see if they have a discount day. On Tuesday our carnival wristbands are only $12. With the wristbands the kids can ride all day long as much as they like. As soon as I get off of work, I am going to pick them up and we are going to get on rides until they close. Also check with your local amusement park to see if they give military discounts, residential discounts, or discounts for entering after their busiest times. I checked with our water park and it will be four dollars less after 4 p.m.

Considering four of us will be going, that is a $16 savings. I am not excited about having to wash my girls hair because of the water park and beach, but I was excited about being able to put it off because of it. Good thing we live right at the beach because we don’t have to travel far. Again I want to shout to the top of my lungs, YAY gas prices are going down. I am especially excited because I am driving to GA this weekend. It will be bittersweet; a wedding, seeing my BFF, but also having to drop my kids off to my mom. I am going to cry like a baby and will probably cry the entire way back to VA. Nonetheless, the weather calls for smooth sailing so I won’t have to travel through any storms.

My advice for today is to eat healthier. I have started eating healthy and I am really proud of myself. For breakfast I have a banana, yogurt and sometimes I even add oatmeal into the mix. For lunch I bring a salad to work. I use spinach, cheese, carrot slices, cucumbers, and a whole roma tomato. Even when I get off track and buy lunch, I make sure to get back to my regular routine. For dinner I usually will eat whatever leftovers I have cooked from the night before, or if I need to cook I make sure I only fix half of a plate. I thought portion control would be hard, but it is not so bad. Before I go to bed, I usually grab a bowl of cereal. It helps me to get that last bit of calcium. It is hard for me to get my daily supplement of calcium because I do not like milk. However, with adding milk to my diet for all three meals I have accomplished supplementing milk without the added stomachache. Remember milk upsets your stomach during the summer months because of the heat. So try not to drink milk then go into direct sunlight, that just makes for a bad stomachache. And of course always remember moderation. Instead of eating an entire plate of hamburger helper, or three pieces of chicken, eat only half followed by a salad, fruit, or veggie. Also try drinking a bottle of water before and after each meal, it helps curb your appetite. Another good tip is the smell of nutmeg or cinnamon helps curb appetite. Try buying some sort of incense of the scents, or boiling some nutmeg or cinnamon while eating. Eating in moderation will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle not to mention a healthy weight. –Ms.C  (Missy)

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