Here’s How To Get The Best Book Prices Online

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Here's How To Get The Best Book Prices Online

Old-fashioned, paper books are refusing to go out of style! Even in the digital age, people still enjoy a literal page-turner. Physical book sales are very much alive and kicking. With many staying in due to Coronavirus, a good read is more essential than ever. Some are working their way through those long-neglected bookshelves at home. Others are throwing stacks of books into their online baskets, ready to devour novels, nonfiction volumes, and everything in-between once they land on the doorstep. If you’re part of the latter group, you might be wondering where to go for the best book prices online.

There are all kinds of places you can buy books online, but which ones are the best? That’s where we come in.


The first step for online book buyers is usually somewhere like Amazon. They stock tons of books, from new releases to vintage tomes in one location.

Here’s the thing.

Retailers like Amazon bombard you with offers while you shop, but they do provide a quick and easy book-buying experience. You can type whatever you’re looking for in the search bar, and then narrow it down to the cheapest options using their handy online tools. 

But what if you are trying to avoid Amazon and support other businesses?

Don’t worry!

There are other big fish booksellers out there that also showcase discounts and a range of sales. For example, a glance at the Waterstones homepage reveals many reduced prices on quality books. Books A Million is another favorite online shop for the best book prices online. There is no shortage of sites drawing your attention to the most competitive prices, so having a trusted list of reliable destinations is essential.


A dedicated and comprehensive website like Used Book Search puts you on the right track, not only in terms of subject matter but also in price. You can search for the right book from anywhere in the world, and the search results include sites such as Alibris, that are vast book marketplaces in themselves.

So, basically, we are talking about searching all of the book marketplaces that have a vast number of sellers, all in one go. If your book is for sale online, then this price comparison site is going to find it for you!

Second-hand reads are a great way to save money. And, it is good to note that all of these marketplaces have information about the condition of the used book for sale, so you will know whether you are buying a pristine copy or a more loved copy. Generally, the more worn the used book is, the lower the price (depending on the scarcity of the edition). 


Staying in really is the new going out. Why rummage through the goodies at your local charity shop for books when you can browse their websites instead?

Oxfam has been running a dedicated chain of bookshops for years, containing all manner of reading material. These can be delivered right to your door, or you might pop in if possible. While the staff is volunteers, a lot of them know their Daniel Defoes from their Dani Dyers. You can consult them and contribute to a good cause at the same time.


Talking of expert knowledge, sometimes we overlook our local independent booksellers for larger companies. They may not seem like a first choice in terms of bagging a bargain, but that’s not always the case.

With an independently run shop you tend to find a built-in love of books. The variety you get in these places can be tough to beat. They are perfect if you want to read something that’s a little different. And like any business, there are deals available. The prices won’t be the lowest, but they won’t break your bank balance either…unless you’re after something really rare!

Being online is a staple part of the independent bookseller’s stock in trade. Plus it’s always nicer communicating with a smaller, friendlier company than a big corporation.


So now you know about finding the best price for books online, why not turn yourself into a bookseller as well as a buyer? It’s definitely an enjoyable way of making money on the side. Plus it could become a fully-fledged business if you really take to it.

All booksellers start out as buyers anyway. And as we’ve shown, there are plenty of options online where you can find great tomes at competitive prices.

Doing business remotely has never been easier, and is becoming more essential in these turbulent times. Another string to your bow certainly doesn’t hurt. It also reduces the inevitable clutter that comes with buying books. If you like that sort of thing fine! But an online book sale is perfect, both for making space and earning some spare cash into the bargain.


There are so many options available if you want to get the best book prices online, including sites like Books A Million. Use your resources to find some great reads on a budget!

Here's How To Get The Best Book Prices Online

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