Why Radiology Is the Best Career (In the Medical Field) For You

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Why Radiology Is the Best Career (In the Medical Field) For You

Pursuing a career in the medical field is a dream for many, one that comes true for those who put enough effort into it. Needless to mention, there are more than just a few specialties in the medical field. For instance, as much as a dentist is a physician, they are more familiar with addressing issues to do with the teeth and oral health in general. The same case applies to many other specialties in the medical field, including gynecology, dermatology, and of course, radiology.

While other specializations are also quite promising regarding job compensation and the available opportunities, the odds are slowly shifting in favor of radiology. But why exactly would anyone prefer a career in radiology more than the alternative options? Well, here are some excellent reasons why radiology is the best career in the medical field for you.

Advancement in Imaging Technology

Over the past several years, radiology has been considered the future of healthcare, especially when it comes to medical diagnosis. Research has shown a tremendous increase in the dependence of imaging techniques such as MRI and CT. And as scientists, researchers, and medical professionals continue to understand health issues such as cancer, tumors, and cardiovascular diseases, radiological imaging appears to be redefining the future of disease diagnosis and personalized treatment. Thanks to advancements in medical imaging technology, radiology continues to outshine other careers in the medical field.

 A Wide Variety of Options

Another huge reason you may want to consider radiology as your medical career of choice is that it simply provides numerous subspecialty options to specialize in. You can specialize, for instance, in brain or neuroradiology or choose to practice musculoskeletal (body) radiology. Unlike most other careers in the medical field, you’re not confined in a cage when it comes to options you can specialise in. Getting into a medical career requires a high education – Medify offers an insight into what it takes to become one.

In addition to these, expert radiologists will tell you that no two days are similar in terms of what you encounter in your daily responsibilities. This means that you’ll not get stuck in boring routines that get you counting the hours and wishing a day had fewer hours. Depending on the employer, radiologists also have the freedom and convenience of choice when it comes to the number of hours they can work, where, and when. You sometimes have the comfort of choosing to work evenings, weekends, or even part-time. This flexibility luxury is something many careers in the medical field will have.

Increased Workload

Today, quite some medical examinations rely on radiological imaging techniques. To pinpoint the source of health problems to do with internal organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach, joints, and the brain, radiology techniques such as X-ray, CT scans, echocardiograms,  ultrasound, and MRI are often consulted. From small health centers to referral health institutions, workloads are often high in radiology departments. What’s a better career than one with a high-workload? The radiology job market has well observed a higher demand to supply ratio in recent years.


Attractive Job Compensation

Regardless of having a passion for helping people, perhaps by taking care of their health needs, a job is always better if it’s well-compensating. This having been said, a job as a radiologist is one of the best paying jobs in the healthcare industry. According to a report on Forbes, only cardiologists, surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons earn a higher annual salary than radiologists at number 4. In the US, radiologists working in states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York and Maryland are the highest earning in the nation. Why not pursue a career that will pay you well for your efforts and contribution to the society?

You Don’t Need To Spend a Lifetime Studying

Compared to other careers such as cardiology, neurosurgeon, and medical professor, a career in radiology is way much beneficial; regarding the amount of time you need to spend studying. You can earn a degree in radiologic technology within as short as 24 months. Unlike other careers in the medical field, radiology may not require you tons of education and practical training.

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You’ll Work Closely With Surgeons

One thing that is unique about radiologists is that they get to work with professionals from multiple medical disciplines. As a radiologist, the job requires you to know a lot of physiology and how the human body works. In addition to this, radiologists often work closely with surgeons, assisting in not only providing diagnostic images but also interpreting them for the physician or surgeon to provide the best treatment solution besides surgery.

Impact in Society

Last but not least, you have a significant opportunity to make a difference in the society. A career as radiologists gives you the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, especially patients, some of whom you even never meet face to face. This is, of course, the case with most other medical professions. However, general doctors, surgeons, and other medical practitioners depend heavily on radiology reports to diagnose disease, operate on internal organs, prescribe medicine, suspend medicine, and provide the best treatment. As a radiologist, you have a chance to touch, change, and possibly save the lives of others in your day-to-day responsibilities.


On top of these four reasons, a career as a radiologist is more interesting than it is challenging. A Day in the Life of a Radiologist anyone interested in working in pursuing a career in the medical field.


Why Radiology Is the Best Career (In the Medical Field) For You

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