What Kind of Bride Are You? How to Find Out

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I’m getting married! So I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about wedding details, picking out a wedding dress and making plans for the next chapter in my life.  But I must admit I’ve never really been that girl to dream about my wedding day. Not to say that I am not excited for my upcoming nuptials. But planning this wedding does not necessarily bring me joy.

I have friends who’ve dreamed of their wedding day since they were little girls and some who have been planning their Someday wedding on Pinterest since forever. I don’t think anything is wrong with that, but it has never been something I dreamed about. Not like other people.

The Types of Brides

After speaking to a longtime friend of mine who got engaged within a month of me being engaged, I realized that she and I were similar in our thoughts when it came to weddings. Yes, we both love the idea of marriage and who doesn’t want to enjoy their wedding day? But neither of us really got joy from planning it. For the most part, I deemed us both to be casual brides instead of dreamers. Let me break down my thoughts on the type of brides there are.

Casual Bride

Casual brides are more of the go with the flow type of Brides. Not too worried about the details but look forward to having a good marriage as opposed to a wedding.

Dreamer Bride

Then there are Dreamer brides. The brides who I mentioned were similar to my friend’s who have been planning their weddings all their lives.

Middle of the Road Bride

The middle of the road bride is exactly what it sounds like. A bride who is right between a casual bride and a dreamer. One who is particular about some things and not so particular about others. I think most people probably fall into this group.

Determining which bride you are, depends on the different areas of a wedding. How you feel about planning, flowers, the dress, the rings, the location, the food. There are some things you are going to care more about than others. Check out my thoughts below regarding the ring, the dress, and the overall planning.

Your Engagement Ring Preference

When it comes to engagement ring styles, I am a casual girl. The rings below are Ben Bridge pieces and made of real metals built to last the test of time and become more perfect over time because of the meaning and stories behind the pieces. Ben Bridge offers a broad range of engagement rings for every kind of bride-to-be. Ben Bridge curates collections of quality jewelry made to withstand the trials of everyday life.

  • The Casual Bride

The casual bride is easy to spot when it comes to ring preference. She shies away from the glitz and glamour of a big ring and leans more towards a more modest and unique one. This one below is a Ben Bridge Jeweler two piece swirl design bridal set, 1/5 karat center, with 1/10 karat total weight of additional diamonds, in 14K white gold. This ring is perfect for the casual bride who is busy but still loves love!

this is a perfect ring for a casual bride

  • The Middle of the Road Bride

The middle of the road bride wants a little more glam, but not so much that it can become overwhelming. The ring below is perfect for her. It is a Ben Bridge Rose Gold Love Eternal Diamond Wedding Set 14K. It’s a Two piece diamond bridal set, 3/8 karat total weight, in 14K rose gold. It’s perfect for a bride that has thought about her engagement ring and wanted to have a great wedding, but not one that is going to cause her a lot of stress. She’s a romantic, and is looking forward to enjoying her big day!

this is a perfect ring for a middle of the road bride

  • The Dreamer Bride

Then there is the dreamer bride. The one who has been dreaming of that perfect engagement ring for as long as they can remember. These rings are more glam and to the bride represent a relationship as a whole. This Ben Bridge Cushion Cut Diamond Bridal Set is a Two piece wedding set in 14K white gold with 1.46-carat cushion cut diamond. Additional diamonds equal 1 and 1/2 karat total weight.

this is a perfect ring for a dreamer bride

this is a perfect ring for a dreamer bride

this is a perfect ring for a dreamer bride

Your Dress

Now let’s talk about dresses. I majored in fashion in college, so the dress is something I’ve thought about before. I am a dreamer bride in this area. Check out my categories below.

  • The Casual Bride

The casual bride, similar to their ring preferences does not care too much about what designer dress is or how expensive it is. It should be practical and above all else, fit her unique personality. For these brides, they have no problem breaking norms with their dress style and will wear a short dress, a color other than white and may not even wear a dress at all.

this is a perfect dress for a casual bride
Photo by One Wedding on Unsplash
  • The Middle of the Road Bride

The middle of the road bride cares more about the fanciness of the dress. She respects the tradition of weddings and will pick something that fits her personality but also has a more traditional look.

this is a perfect dress for a middle of the road bride
Photo by Ivan Cabañas on Unsplash
  • The Dreamer Bride

The dreamer bride is all about the dress. She wants one that not only fits with the wedding customs but makes her look like the princess she always dreamed of as a kid. No one style is off limits. But you can bet, she is going to make one hell of an entrance.

this is a perfect dress for a dreamer bride
Photo by photo-nic.co.uk nic on Unsplash

The Wedding Day Details

Now let’s talk about the actual planning of the big day. This is one where I finally realized in this regard I am middle of the road. After looking at several event venues, I realized that wedding planning is a lot of work! No wonder people hire planners. We finally decided to do a destination wedding. Not only was it more convenient for two busy people, but it was way less expensive. And when you are middle of the road, with your planning, this matters. Check out the kinds below.

  • The Casual Bride

The casual bride is very much go with the flow. It does not have to be extravagant, just unique to the couple. While there may be a few things she wants to have that are special to her, she is all about keeping it simple and stress-free.


The Middle of the Road Bride

The middle of the road bride is up for the challenge of getting the planning done. She does not know exactly what she’s doing in regards to planning an event, but she feels like she is up to the challenge. She values simplicity too with a little more glam than the bride before.


The Dreamer Bride

The dreamer bride has this baby planned already. She just goes to her wedding Pinterest board and starts making calls. She has every detail down to a T from food to flowers to venue, and she is delighted to make her dream a reality.


Regardless of what type of bride you are, your wedding day is one you should celebrate the way YOU want to celebrate it. There is no shame in being a casual bride or a dreamer one. In the end, it’s great to be able to celebrate your big day.

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