5 Best Quick Weight Loss Products With Effective Results

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 Hot Girl Summer is here, and I am ready to show up and show out the quick weight loss products. With this list of best quick weight loss products, you will know about the necessary calorie intake! I am sharing my quick weight loss products (FDA approved) so that everyone can feel their best for the summer. Needless to say, we all deserve post- COVID-19 without any side effects.

If you have read any of my past articles, you know by now that I always buy products that are new to the market. Starting from appetite suppressants and weight loss supplements to fad “fat” diets.

I love trying out best weight loss products. Even though they can be expensive, and really, half of them do not even work to produce amino acids. Hence, you lack metabolism in your body.

So, with all that being said, grab your favorite summer drink. (summer mint lemonade, anyone?) Find out how to make the most out of your Hot Girl Summer. Build confidence with these quick weight loss products!

For years and years, I have tried different diet pills. I have always struggled with my body weight, blood sugar level and overall health. So every time summer rolled around, I was on the lookout for the best fat burners for belly fat. I was looking for weight loss pills that actually work.  

And even as tempting as it is to look at tummy tuck before after, that isn’t always the answer either. Try as I might to want to resist, I still find it enjoyable to take a look at the best available products and share them with you.

As I have grown, I have learned to be happy with my body. I couldn’t care more about the looks — stubborn body fat and all! Of course, confidence in how I look goes a long way. However, that does not stop me from wanting to Google “best weight loss products on Amazon” every once in a while, which has led here, sharing the weight loss products that actually work with you!


1. Lumen Metabolism Tracker 

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Everyone wants to look good, especially once summer rolls around. More than half of us would like to lose weight and increase carb blockers in our body by using fast weight loss products. However, most of our efforts are unsuccessful—no matter how much we diet and exercise. Why do you think that is? 

Usually, it’s because we don’t know what the hell we are doing! More often than not, people who set out to lose a bit more belly fat or tone up go straight to searching for “quick weight loss products online.” What if there was a product that caters directly to your own needs and is rich in dietary fiber?

Now there is! By simply breathing into the Lumen Metabolism Tracker, it measures how your metabolism is working using a CO2 tracker right then and there. This is great to use so that you know when you are burning fat or burning those extra carbs you’ve eaten. It is one of the best weight loss products 2020.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of how it works, my sister, Jas, wrote a more in-depth article solely about her Lumen Metabolism Tracker. Read her review, Is The Lumen Metabolism Tracker Worth It? My Review, here!

From the moment I started using Lumen, I knew my health would change in the best way. It taught me how much my metabolism can change throughout the day and what factors could affect it, like my sleep patterns and even my bowel movements! One of the most natural weight loss products I have ever used!

You might be asking what is the best weight loss product to buy? I’m proud to say Lumen ranks among the top weight loss products as one of the few weight loss products that work to help you lose weight.

I finally knew when and what I should eat to optimize my metabolism to reach my weight and health goals. The app is very user-friendly, and as an added plus, it syncs with other health apps, like Apple Health and Google Fit!

There is a reason why the Lumen is one of the best-selling weight loss products because it acts as a nutritionist and workout coach. It is definitely among the proven weight loss products! With all the weight loss products online, Lumen is my number one weight loss product!

You might have seen a lot of product on shark tank for weight loss. In contrast to the weight loss product featured on shark tank, Lumen is among the all natural weight loss products. Moreover, is the best fat blaster product for weight loss.

Lumen: Hack Your Metabolism

Are you ready to nail your fitness goal this year? For real for reals? You may want to try using Lumen! Lumen is the world’s first hand-held, portable device to accurately measure metabolism. Once available only to top athletes, in hospitals and clinics, metabolic testing is now available to everyone.

Use our promo code MISSMILLMAG to get $25 off of your order!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.



There is no better feeling than knowing your body and what will and won’t work for you to be successful. Lumen provides an insight into what your body has been begging you for so it can work efficiently and keep you living a healthier, happier, and longer life. 

It is one of the latest weight loss products! Don’t count on illegal weight loss products for your health check. Remember your overall health (side effects included) is at risk when you use bad weight loss products. Therefore, use the best products to help weight loss and for healthy diet.


With multiple studies, the Lumen has been proven to be just as accurate as of the gold standard for measuring Respiratory Exchange Rate (RER). The RER is the ratio between the amount of carbon dioxide produced in metabolism and oxygen. Furthermore, if you’d like suggestions about any latest weight loss products or diet supplement, you can check the best shark tank products for weight loss. Nonetheless, Lumen is super accurate and it is in the list of the highest rated weight loss products.  


Whenever I have to make a more expensive purchase, I always feel better knowing that the item has a good return policy. For example, Lumen has a 30-day return for a full refund! This is more than enough time for the most powerful weight loss products to see if it works for your weight loss journey.



Compared to forever living weight loss products review and slim queen weight loss products, Lumen carries a pretty hefty price tag. However, I truly believe that it is worth it. Not only it is the top ten weight loss products item, it is also packed with relevant information fit for just your needs. To receive the same information that the Lumen provides, you would have to hire a nutritionist and a fitness trainer, and just one of those would be more expensive than the Lumen. 


For Lumen to be most effective, you have to use it multiple times a day, but it only takes a moment to breathe and see how your metabolism is doing. I categorized this as a con only because when I forget it at home, I feel like I am not allowing my body to work as effectively and efficiently as it could be. 

2. Diet Direct

Want to know a secret about myself? I am not a cook. Actually, I hate cooking.

I would rather order overly expensive, bad for my health, takeout so that I will not be in the kitchen for hours prepping and then cooking a poorly seasoned, probably burnt, meal. It is just a no-go all around. Or, it was until I found Diet Direct, one of the best natural weight loss products. 

WonderSlim snacks from Diet Direct

With H.G.S. quickly approaching, I was in search of a new way of making meals that were healthy and easy to make. I am also a super picky eater, so the food had to be good. After searching for a while and reading more reviews than I ever have, the best choice for me was Diet Direct; listed among the pure weight loss products.

Sometimes, green coffee beans burn more calories than effective weight loss supplement. But that is a rare scenario! Fat cell and fat metabolism depend on FDA approved thermogenic fat burners.

People lose weight by increasing fat burning. Lucky for you, Jas also tried them out and wrote an entire article about their many diet plans and how everything works. It’s called Diet Direct: What I Liked, And What I Didn’t. Go check it out!

There were so many options to choose from. Especially after reading the Nutrilite weight loss products reviews. Apart from those, I chose Diet Direct for myself.

I was happy with Diet Direct! Not to mention most of the food is microwaveable or a shake! Perfect for me! So, what are my pros and cons? 



I love Diet Direct because there are so many different options of food, shakes, and snacks. Not only do you have a ton of individual choices, but you also have a variety of options when it comes to a specific diet plan. From post-bariatric surgery to a diet that caters to someone with diabetes, the options are almost endless. 


Did you think I was done talking about options? Nope! You can choose a plan based on a price point! There are three different options; Basic Essentials at $1.83 per meal, Core Classics at $1.74 per meal, and Premium Complete at $1.63 per meal. 

Don’t always rely on free trials weight loss products if you want an authorized product. Cheap effective weight loss products can be harmful in the long run. So, always bear that in mind.



Because Diet Direct is online, if I forget to bring a meal or snack to work or an extended outing, I would have to cheat or go hungry. However, if you are as forgetful as I am, pack your lunch box the night before, and you should be fine! 


3. TUSOL Wellness

While doing research, I also stumbled upon TUSOL Wellness, a company that specializes in 1-minute smoothies that can replace your best keto weight loss products and contain all of the dietary supplements that will keep you going all day long! It is currently among the trending weight loss products.

TUSOL wellness box

All you have to do is take a nutrient-filled packet of your liking, add ice, add a liquid (I prefer oat milk), and blend! The smoothies are all so refreshing and filling! At this point, I am sure that you’re wondering, what makes these smoothies any different than others on the market?

TUSOL Wellness’s smoothies are packed with the most active ingredients—natural foods. And not only are the smoothie packets natural, but they are also all certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, and sustainably sourced! 

My favorite smoothie by far is the Balance flavor—a mix of many yummy ingredients that taste good and are good for you, with Matcha and Ashwagandha being the obvious stars. This drink reminds me of the classic green tea extract drinks from Starbucks—but healthy and not packed with sugar. Besides being best weight loss products for men, it is also very effective for women. So, pros and cons, anyone? 



I always love when I have options. TUSOL Wellness allows you to choose which flavors you would like to have in your shipment–and it’s hard to choose! Each flavor tastes great, and they each focus on a different aspect of your health and wellness.

Take my favorite flavor, for example; the Balance smoothie focuses on gut health. It’s great for detoxing and stopping you from bloating! 


What you will quickly notice about TUSOL Wellness is that they are more than just a smoothie company. Their website is full of great information about health and wellness—from fatty acids to weight loss classes.



After drinking only smoothies for a while, no matter how yummy they are, I got tired of only having smoothies. So one way that I worked around this was by making smoothie bowls instead, and then I added granola and sliced fruits! 

4. Sweetkick

YouTube video

I have a sweet tooth. I could eat chocolate and sour patch kids all day long if given the opportunity.

Sweetkick is the godsend that we all need to kick the craving holding us back from having a poppin’ Hot Girl Summer!

The plant-based powder and mint combo truly reset the need for sugar. Sweetkick believes that to feel and look your best, you should stop those bad habits before they cause weight gain, fatigue, and high blood pressure. 



We all know that sugar is the number one enemy when it comes to our health. But, with Sweetkick, the amount of you get tons of benefits, from stronger teeth to glowing skin! 


By simply dissolving a single mint on your tongue, consider the sweets cravings blocked! You can pop a mint every 3-4 hours or whenever a craving strikes! The powder, however, needs to be dissolved in a glass of water at the beginning of the day to get your cravings out of the way first thing in the morning. It’s in the list of my best new weight loss products!



Although I love using Sweetkick to curb my daily sugar cravings, it is quite expensive, especially if your sweet tooth is as powerful as mine. I have noticed, though, that the more that I use Sweetkick, my cravings have slowed down immensely. So instead of having a mint every 3-4 hours, I’ve only needed one every 6-12 hours or so. 

5. Apple Watch


Now that we have figured out how our metabolism is working, our diet and smoothie plans, and curbing our sugar cravings, the last piece of the health and wellness puzzle is, of course, exercise! But, unfortunately, I have NEVER been a cardio girl and I can say it is one of the quick weight loss products at gnc.

I am a much more avid weightlifter—I’m talking 1.5 hours lifting weights and then only 30 minutes of cardio. And because I do not care for it, I try to switch it up! I like to swim laps, bike on the reclining bike, run and walk on the treadmill, and every once in a while, I’ll hop on an elliptical. 

best weight loss products

With my exercises varying from day to day, I wanted to keep track of what I was doing. I discovered the Apple Watch years ago.

I believe my first watch was an Apple Watch Series 3 when it became water resistant—perfect for swimmers! Since then, I have upgraded twice, and I have loved every minute of these watches!



Not only can the Apple Watch keep track of multiple workouts, but I can also send and receive texts and calls, check the weather, access my bank account, follow apple map directions, and so much more! 


The watch comes in two sizes, multiple color finishes (I have rose gold), and a variety of bands to attach! The home screen, or watch face, is also super customizable as well. Depending on what you use the most, you can set it up in any way you’d like.

For example, I currently have the weather, the time and date, events, timer, workout, and daily step tracker on my home screen. 



The Apple Watch is great, but iI did not pay extra for it to have its own data plan. I figured it was unnecessary because my phone is always close by, and I always have Wi-Fi, enabling me to receive messages and calls.

At the end of the day, the added expense was not needed for me personally, but if I needed it, I would have to add it to the cons list to make it cost that much more. 

And that’s all, folks! My top five favorite weight loss products that actually work for 2021! Gone are the days that I will search for the best pill to lose belly fat because I now have the knowledge (and products) I will ever need to be healthier. 

Say goodbye to the magical prescription weight loss pills or food and drug administration “approved”  drugs that make you lose weight (usually all water) of yesteryear, and say hello to having the healthiest Hot Girl Summer ever! 

Whether you are aiming for fat loss, wanting to feel more full after eating, or just weight management altogether, there is something here for everyone. You might hop onto the list of best weight loss products at gnc or not. However, I hope you’ll love these 5 best weight loss products as much as I do!

If you missed my previous article about my 5 Favorite Hair Care Products In 2021, check it out! You may find a new product or equipment that could change up your whole hair routine!

Let me know what you think of these quick weight loss products and how they have worked for you in the comments below! 

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