How To Get a Weekend Routine Going

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I, like many people look forward to the weekend. I love being able to hang out with friends and family and enjoy myself. But there is another reason I love weekends. I get to get shit done! I spend the majority of my week either working or at the gym. That leaves the weekends as the best opportunity for me to get things done around the house and for myself. Here are my tips on things you can work on during the weekend to be a true weekend warrior.


Don’t Wake Up Too Late

Let me first start by saying this, don’t sleep in until noon and wonder what happened to the day. If you want to be a weekend warrior you’ve got to get out of bed. Sleeping in for Chris and I is usually about 8-8:30 am. We get up and get a little breakfast and start talking through what we want to accomplish that day. This is another important part of getting up earlier. You want to plan out how much time you have to get all that you want to get done.

Get Your Morning Energy!


Since you are getting up before noon, you are going to need some energy for the day. I make sure to have my coffee cup filled for the day! Lucky for me Dixie® To Go is The Official Cup For Crushing It. With no washing or cleanup involved, it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning. This helps me “crush” the things that matter for my weekend.


I keep my  Dixie® To Go cups right by the coffee where they are needed most. They are used in the morning for coffee and the Dixie® To Go allows me to enjoy my coffee confidently without having to worry about it spilling, burning my hands or having to wash more dishes. I love that the leak-resistant lid & insulated layer gives me the best on-the-go experience especially when I get to running my errands for the day and I don’t have to worry about spilling coffee on the carpet while I clean (which before Dixies To-Go Cups I managed to do almost every week.) There is no effort, no clean up, no worries. More time to focus on being a weekend warrior!

Make Time to Clean


Since I work full-time, it seems like having time to clean the house is almost impossible! We have two cats, so we make sure to stay on top of vacuuming to keep the cat fur from getting crazy. So of course, that means we have to squeeze cleaning into our weekend schedule. We usually have some breakfast and get right to cleaning the house. This includes the kitchen, living room, office, bedrooms and bathrooms followed by a round of vacuuming and mopping. We probably dedicate 2-4 hours to this task each week depending on how much time we have.  But we usually try to vacuum, do laundry, clean the kitchen and organize the house a little at the very least.

Keep Note of all Your Errands and Try to Run them all at Once


If you have a few errands to run, make a list of things you need to get done and do them all at once. Just today I had to run to UPS, drop some items at the Salvation Army and had to pick up a few things at Walmart. I made a list of all the items I needed to do and made my three stops. I was able t run three different errands in 1 hour. If you have all the elements you need on your list, you should be able to get them all taken care of without having to worry about running out again.

Make Time for Exercise

This one is tough depending on how much I have to get done that day. If I am not running a 5k that weekend I will make a point to go for a walk in my neighborhood, ride my bike, or just do a little routine in the house. Since I am typically running my errands and cleaning the house during the weekend, I usually have no problem hitting my 10,000 step goal with my Fitbit. But if I need some steps, I find a way to do it. If I am feeling sluggish, I try to get up early and run. This gives me a boost for the rest of the day.

Catch up on Those Side Hustles

Despite everything else I have on my to-do list, weekends are a great time for me to catch up on my side hustles and close any loose ends from the week before. Since everyone with full-time jobs are also available, I often use a few weekend hours to work on my businesses. Chris and will spend at least an hour or two over the weekend to work on our private label business. I also spend some time figuring out the content for the following week for M3. If you are as passionate about your side hustles as I am I warn you to set a timer for when you should stop otherwise, it will turn into a working weekend completely. Yes, this has happened to me more times than I care to admit.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

The reason why I try to get an early start with cleaning and errands and everything else I have to do is because we typically have something fun planned with friends or family during the weekend. We usually plan our weekends around the fun stuff. If we know we are going to dinner at a friends house at 8p, we work our way back from there counting how long it will take us to get ready and what we want to accomplish on Saturday vs. Sunday.

Just because you are getting things done on the weekend does not mean you have to sacrifice the fun part of the weekend. And we do have the occasional weekend where we take it easy and neglect all the chores in the house. But we pay for it the week after when the house is a mess. But sometimes, it feels worth it! Getting things done on the weekend is just another part of adulting and making the most of your time.

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