My Weekend Getaway Experience: Fall in Love With Glamping

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One of the top weekend getaway experiences is glamping. So what is glamping? It means glamourous camping and it usually refers to having a luxury tent or suite along with bathroom facilities and other amenities.

I love busy streets, my matcha oat milk latte, and crowds full of people all on their daily missions. To put it simply, I’m a city person through and through. This past year and a half, I’ve seen my city go eerily quiet and slowly rise back to its bustling self. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but I’m always down for a short vacation. 

When my friend Emily said she had a fantastic escape planned for us, my mind instantly jumped to beaches, resorts, maybe even another gorgeous city (Paris, please!). But then she sent me the link to Getaway. As I scrolled through pictures of trees, cabins, and more trees, my heart rate shot up. 

cAmPiNg? ������” I immediately panic-texted her.

Emily called to ease my mind. She said it was like camping, but I’d still have all my precious amenities: queen-sized bed, private toilet, shower (hot water included), kitchen, and AC. Okay, I thought she might be able to get me there — maybe

But then I remembered it’s still NATURE! That means bugs, little to no cell reception, and not being able to walk five minutes to my local store when I need something at midnight.

I started to put up a fight, but Emily said this would be the best weekend ever. She’s my woodsy friend (we all have one). So I decided to bite my tongue and go with it. 

We left early Saturday morning, and I will say the drive was nice. Getaway Outposts are all within a two-hour drive from major cities. I was still close to home but far enough that it felt like an adventure. We pulled up to our campsite, and I admit it was quite picturesque: a modern wooden cabin with a fire pit and Adirondack chairs out front. 

weekend getaway glamping

Inside was just as beautiful, the queen-bed with gorgeous white sheets, a kitchen stocked with pots and pans. Not to mention the bathroom with fresh towels, which is 90% of why I agreed to come. Then the time came to put my phone down and “just relax,” as Emily kept telling me, so I took a deep breath and placed my cell phone in the lockbox and got ready to embrace nature (or at least die trying). 

By the time we packed up to leave, I was totally shocked that I’d had such an amazing time at our Getaway. Once I got over my initial hesitation, we took awe-inspiring … hikes? No.

To be honest, they were rambling walks. We played monster Uno games with the deck in our cabin, caught up on reading, and just chilled by the fire while toasting s’mores. I didn’t realize how stressed I was until Getaway helped me genuinely unwind. 

Plus, we weren’t as isolated as I imagined we’d be. We were a short drive from an adorable local town, and as a thoughtful concierge, Getaway’s site recommended museums, cute ice cream shops, and other attractions. It was like I got to play a part in one of my favorite small-town movies, and the change of pace was refreshing. 

weekend getaway glamping

I hate to say it, but Emily was right. Getaway may not have been my first choice, but I actually can’t wait to go back. The air was so crisp. I realized I’d forgotten that clean, garbage-free scent that comes when you escape the city.

I woke up in the morning. It hit me that it was the first time in years I hadn’t fallen asleep to the sounds of traffic

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a city person and prefer there to be more people than trees in my day-to-day life. But getting out into nature every once in a while never hurt anybody. 

I can’t wait to head back to a Getaway outpost and now I’m recommending it to all my city friends — even the “city or bust” urbanites like myself. 

Grab your outdoorsy friend and take the leap with Getaway. Your city will be waiting for you when you get back — I promise!

Plan Your Next Adventure With Getaway! 

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