Small Steps towards the Big Day: Wedding Planning for Busy People

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Wedding planning can fast become a full-time job for an excitable bride. For others, however, there simply isn’t enough time in the day, as chances are you still have the 9-5 job you had before a ring was put on your finger. Manage your time effectively and every day you can chip away at a small chunk of your to-do list; even at work. Just promise you won’t get caught and we can begin.

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Lists Glorious Lists

Perhaps you’re a more relaxed married couple to be, and you may see no need for the lavish extras and huge guest list, opting instead for a more casual affair. Throwing a casual wedding is, in truth, just as much work as throwing a fancy one. You’ll still want the cake, food, alcohol, invitations, flowers, napkins… the list goes on. Whether they are made of silk or from your local store is up to you, but they all still need picking.

The sooner you realise the size of the challenge ahead, the sooner you can start creating a list. True, last minute weddings and the more bohemian approach are all the rage, but don’t convince yourself it’s any less of a sizeable event to plan, or you’ll find yourself in complete meltdown come the month prior.

Your to-do list will be your saving grace. Just knowing which stage of planning needs to be completed and by when is a godsend. Prioritising tasks will certainly benefit you in the stressful months to come. If you know a certain month is looking particularly busy, adjust your plan to make room for higher priority activities. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to tick agendas off your list, providing a visual reminder that your big day is getting closer!

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There are two elements of your wedding planning that, on a fundamental level, need to be completed in conjunction with one another. That is your guest list and the seating plan; allow a large amount of your planning time for this and you should, in theory, be able to achieve everything else in smaller chunks.

Money-Saving Tips

We live in the digital golden age where nearly everything is possible online. By going digital, you can save yourself copious amounts of time and money. One task on your checklist should be the music, but this is something you can chip away at gradually throughout your planning process. Create a shared online music profile, be it with Spotify or other music platforms you are aware of, and throughout the months, you can both add tracks to suit the mood of your big day.

Go Online

Another wonderful invention for ladies on tight time schedules is online wedding planners. Use a digital notebook for your mood boards, notes, and bookings and liberate yourself from annoying files and papers; provided you avoid checking it in every spare minute of your working day. You can, however, grab lunch and spend some precious time planning on your lunch break with relative ease. Whenever an idea comes to you, your digital wedding bible is always to hand.

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Use any free time, such as train journeys or coffee breaks, to carry on your online planning. Look for inspiration on sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr. The internet is your best friend, and will help you get through the doldrums of your everyday hustle with bursts of wedding excitement and inspiration. If you want to keep the pennies saved, I’m confident you’ll find a world of similar brides discussing the same thing online, such as on message boards and social media.

Fill Your Evenings

Now you have your lists in place and online tools at the ready whenever you need them, it’s time to embrace a little wedding DIY. There is only so much wedding planning you can get away with when at work, and I’m sure your boss will notice if you’re suddenly printing 200 invitations. I recommended re-watching the entire Game of Thrones series as you prepare for an evening of writing, printing and folding your invitations, favour cards, and seating plans. Little distractions are always welcome.

You still have the 9-5 job you had before a ring was put on your finger. Manage your time effectively & follow these wedding planning steps for busy people.

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