Should You Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Should You Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

At this point, you certainly know that we’re facing a worldwide health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s recommended that we stay home as much as possible and avoid contact with others. Therefore, the logical person in you is saying to stay home. Perhaps to work on your blogging, run your business from home, and save up your finances. However, the adventurer in you may want to take advantage of the low cost to travel right now. 

As you probably know, travel during the COVID-19 pandemic is a big concern right now, and as a result airline costs have gone down. Events big and small have been canceled due to the virus, and people don’t want to leave their home. Just recently, travel from Europe to the US was suspended due to growing concerns. You may be worried as well, but those plane tickets are just too cheap to ignore. Should you travel while you have the chance, or stay home? Here are some reasons why you should stay home, if possible.

COVID-19 Is Easily Transmitted

The problem with COVID-19 is that it spreads easily. No one has immunity to it, and all it takes to catch it is exposure to one person who is infected. It doesn’t matter who you are, even if you are young and healthy, you are at risk. To add to that, even if you don’t get very sick or show any symptoms at all, you can spread it to people who will suffer major complications, such as those who are immunocompromised or are older.

Learn more about how COVID-19 spreads from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Travel Is Affordable, But Still Not Worth It

Many young folks are taking advantage of the prices. Some airlines are charging under $200 a round-trip ticket if you want to travel across the country. Many of us in the younger generations, including Millennials and Gen-Z, find it hard to travel under normal circumstances. So people might be tempted to take advantage of the opportunity however they can.

However, the prices are not worth exposing yourself to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our advice is to take advantage of the prices now by booking a flight for a few months down the road and hope for the best, but it’s still a gamble. Use a site like Momondo to help you determine when is the best time to fly based on your budget and schedule.

Unpredictable Cancellations

When you’re traveling during a pandemic, you do pose a risk of your flight or event being canceled. All it takes is just one case in a city you’re visiting for flights, touristy spots, and events to end up being postponed or canceled.

Cancellations have already taken place around the world. In many places, non-essential stores and other businesses are closed altogether, or only available for pickup.

Luckily, many flights and events are relaxing their refund policy, and you may be able to get your money back without any problems. However, you’re still going to have to deal with ruined plans, and plus, some ticket sellers are stubborn and may not give you a refund. We say it’s not worth the risk.

People Inside Commercial Air Plane

You Could Get Trapped

If travel is restricted while you’re visiting somewhere, you may be in trouble. Sometimes, you may have a hard time returning home in the middle of a cluster of chaos. Other times, you could be stuck at the place you’re visiting. This not only puts you at risk of contracting the virus, but it’s a stressful mess and a half.

Educate Yourself and Prepare if You Have to Travel

Travel always includes a level of risk, but in the middle of a pandemic, that risk increases, even if the virus itself may not be fatal to your demographic. Stay home if possible. With that said, there may be an emergency you have to attend to, or a job that is making you travel. If you’re in this situation, here are some things to think about.

First, see if you can work something out through remote communication or working from home. If your business isn’t supposed to be open, report them. Right now, people are at too much of a risk for a business to be operating.

However, if you must travel, bring gloves, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and soap. Don’t touch your face, wash your hands often, and stay away from most people.

Also, come mentally prepared, too. Online counseling can help you with this. For more information about that, click here.

A Staycation is Recommended for Now 

Rather than travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, your best bet is to stay home and enjoy a staycation. Catch up on your favorite shows, get into a new hobby, and enjoy yourself. Also, self-isolation doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. You can still run, and since it’s warming up, a nature spot may be worth it. Any location without humans is still on the table, as long as you still practice good hygiene techniques. 

Don’t travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, even if it is spring break. Hold off on all plans, and then maybe go all out whenever this pandemic blows over. Stay safe and healthy!

Should You Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


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