15 Things I Think About When He Wants To Touch My Butt

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15 Things I Think About When He Wants To Touch My Butt

I love getting it on with my husband. I am not insecure, and sex is not a problem for me. But like every woman, I’m cursed with the inability to shut off my mind, especially when my hubby tries to touch my butt.

The feeling of that touch differs from that of massage therapists when they touch my butt during the massage. Just kidding.

Anal sex has forever been off the table in my two-year relationship with my man. I don’t have a problem with it, but I have heard horror stories from my mother and friends. And since then, it’s been something my husband is forbidden to bring up or ask for.

I know many women enjoy anal, and that’s awesome! But that hole always tightens when his hand roams down my back.

So when I’m in bed with my man, and things are heating up, my mind is going. Then, finally, he starts to make a move, and as his hand lingers, this is my thought process.

15 Things I Think About When He Wants To Touch My Butt

  1. His hand is on my butt. No big deal. He could just be paying some attention, and things will return to normal.
  2. Uh oh, he’s squeezing it. He’s usually a boob guy. So why is he still paying so much attention to it?
  3. It feels like this is going to turn into a thing. Am I ready for this?
  4. Wait a minute, is it clean? Oh god, it’s so freaking bright in the room. If I can see everything, he can see everything.
  5. When was the last time I showered? I came home early yesterday and plopped down on the couch. Do I stink? Does it stink?
  6. Maybe I’m being too “anal.” Pun intended
  7. Oh man, he’s putting a finger in. When was the last time he cut his nails?
  8. Ouch, it’s been a while since he’s cut his nails.
  9. I haven’t “emptied” myself this morning. Can he feel it? Is that even something that could happen? Is it possible his thumb could be touching me…I can’t even think of it.
  10. What if his finger is dirty?
  11. Then again, this isn’t some rando. I’m fooling around with someone in the back seat of his car. This is my husband, and if I can’t trust my body with him, then who?
  12. I should give it a try! If he promises to be gentle.
  13. Damn, his thumb is going for it. And that hangnail isn’t doing me any favors. And if his thumb feels tight, I can only imagine what his…well…is going to do to me.
  14. Has my mind changed?
  15. Whoa, that does not feel nice. Nope. My mind hasn’t changed. Finger out, climbing off.

If this makes me a prude, I’m okay with it. It’s not that I’m unwilling to try butt stuff; it’s just not in the cards yet.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for the right moment to try something you’re unsure of. The privacy policy can be different for everyone. You should always have an enthusiastic and ongoing “YES!” during sex. And if your partner is pressuring you (thank you, Husband, for being a gentleman), you need to have a conversation with your partner before it becomes a problem.

Let me tell you one more thing there are many sex tools on the web. Many offers free shipping and even take international orders. So if you are a potential client and want to experience that, go ahead.

I know other confident millennials out there haven’t experienced anal either, and that’s okay! What are your thoughts, though? 

Is the back door an option? Or is it an exit only? Let me know in the comments.

15 Things I Think About When He Wants To Touch My Butt

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