The Best Beauty Tips to Cut Down Your Morning Routine

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You know who you are. You’re the individual who is always on the go somewhere. You never make time for yourself, let alone your looks. Trust me; I get it because I am the same person. I don’t have time to focus on my looks, and if I do find the time, I would rather be doing something else. However, there are times when you will have to make the effort. Whether that be for an important function, date, or just when you feel you need some ‘me’ time. So I have provided a few beauty tips for the busy and lazy millennial.

Overnight Zit Removal

This tip is so old school, but it works like magic! Have a pesky zit that just popped up and you need it gone by the next day? Toothpaste is your answer! Get some plain toothpaste that does not have any extra flavors added and stick a dab on the zit area. Put this on right before bed and try to sleep without rubbing it off in the night. Next morning, wipe off the toothpaste with a damp towel and see the magic of a missing zit! If this is a really intense zit, you may need to do this regime two nights in a row.

Never Miss a Stroke Shaving

Beauty Tips for shaving your legs
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If you’re like me, you are in the shower shaving in a hurry, and once you come out, you find that you have missed whole rows of hair on your leg. It’s quite embarrassing but so real. What you need is a shaving cream, my friend. Specifically, I would choose Pure Silk Shave Cream   because it is a moisturizing shaving cream that prevents nicks and cuts better than gel or soap and water. This is perfect because it prevents the additional time it would require to deal with little nicks, and you can guarantee that you will have shaved all parts of your legs. Pure Silk is amazing and now is the best time to try it with this great deal! Pure Silk Shave Cream’s national coupon is available in Redplum. This coupon can be stacked with deals at CVS and Walgreens. With CVS, the sale price is $1.50 with a $.50 off 1 coupon that can be found on Redplum, or with using the CVS mobile app, you would receive a $1.00 off coupon. At Walgreens, the shave cream will be just $.89 when using the $.50 off coupon at Redplum from the sale price of $1.39. I have definitely gone and stocked up on this shave cream because I am constantly shaving, and I never have the time to make it to the store. Pure Silk really works and keeps my legs feeling silky smooth which is the best feeling for a busy person like myself.

Eye Whitener Drops

Wake up looking haggard with red eyes? Get some eye whitening drops to help you look refreshed and replenished. adds that “busy people tend to get less sleep so that the drops can help…[plus] looking less tired makes you feel more attractive” (SheKnows).

Fill in Chipped Nail Polish

Beauty tips for your nails
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Redbook brings us this magical tip on how to fix your chipped nail polish in seconds. Dip the pad of your index finger in nail polish remover and then gently rub it over the chipped area in a motion towards the front of your nail. Next, “dab your polish in the bare spot to fill it in, or do a thin coat of color all over the nail” (Redbook). Continue to do other things you need to get done while letting the nail a minute to dry. When you’re ready to leave the house, add one last layer over the nail and then BOOM you’re done!

Ditch the Greasy Hair

Beauty Tips for Greasy Hair
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In a hurry and have no time to wash your greasy hair? Dry shampoo will solve all of your problems. “Spray it on problem areas, distribute with fingers, and brush the excess out five minutes later” (Redbook). When I first saw the magic of dry shampoo I couldn’t believe it. But trust me, it is a godsend when you have overslept and needed to get out of the door right away. Or if you don’t have the time to buy dry shampoo, try some baby powder or talcum powder. Their sole purpose is to dry up moisture so why not try it in your hair. Dab little bit of powder onto your roots to quickly dry up the excess oil (Redbook). Boom crisis averted!

Quick Waves

This is the perfect tip if you’re looking for a natural wavy look. Take a shower the night before and be sure to get your hair very damp. Once out of the shower, twist it up into a clip or loose bun (Redbook). Or something that I have tried is French braiding my hair after washing it and sleeping on it overnight. Whichever option you choose, loosen up your hair the next morning and then BOOM you’ve got waves!

At Home Facials

Beauty Tips for at home facial
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This is a tip that should be used when you have a little bit more time in the evening, but it will definitely pay off! Creating your own at home facial can save you not only money but also time to spa. Redbook provides a simple recipe of mixing one packet of unflavored gelatin and 1.5 tablespoons of milk. “After heating in the microwave for 10 seconds, apply the mixture to your face and wait for 10 to 15 minutes before peeling it off” (Redbook). This mask will accomplish exfoliating your skin, shrinking your pores and add extra moisture to your skin throughout the week. While this may take more time to create and use, it has a payoff for the rest of the week.

Big Payoff for the Long Run

This is one that I have always hated taking but know that it will help me in the long run. Yeah, I’m talking about vitamins. For some reason, I am a child about taking them, but they have such a great benefit. Specific vitamins can help to grow healthy nails and hair, such as Biotin. Redbook adds that “in studies of patients with split nail syndrome, taking 2.5mg of Biotin once a day increased nail thickness, decreased splitting and increased the growth rate of both hair and nails.”

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The Best Beauty Tips to Cut Down Your Morning Routine

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