You Need To Try This Tasty Cuisine From Around The World

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You Need To Try This Tasty Cuisine From Around The WorldAs you travel the world, you have to eat, and you deserve the best. Even if you’re at home, you can have tasty cuisine from around the world. Here is a list of the top ten most delicious foods from around the world and how you can make it yourself!

1. Italian

There is probably not a country in the world that does not appreciate Italian cuisine. It is probably one of the most universal cuisines and can be traced back to 4th century BC.

Italian cuisine is known for pasta, tomato-based dishes, potatoes, and meats. There are also over 400 different kinds of cheese and 300 different types of sausages. Yum!

There are truly thousands of Italian cookbooks out there! Start with The Complete Italian Cookbook to get a taste of all the best dishes there are. Buy it for less than $15 here!

the complete italian cookbook

2. Chinese

Nearly every major city has a Chinese restaurant. Chinese food is eaten by one-third of the world’s population daily.

This tasty cuisine is affordable and delicious. Most dishes are served with a bowl of rice and can include beef, chicken, seafood, and pork as the meat. Or, you can go for a vegetarian option!

Learning to cook your own Chinese food is easier than it may seem. Buy the Easy Chinse Cookbook: Restaurant Favorites Made Simple to get started.

Easy Chinese Cookbook

3. French

There is probably not a culinary arts school in the world that does not teach French cuisine. It is considered “haute cuisine.”

Cheese and wine both are a major part of this culture’s food. In Paris, there are over 5,000 places to eat with food and prices to fit nearly every budget.

Cooking French food can be intimidating. If you purchase a beginner’s cookbook, though, you will be able to make anything you want. French Cooking For Beginners is a great way to get started! Buy it for $17 on Amazon.

French Cooking for Beginners

4. Indian

Indian food is known as one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. There is an Indian restaurant in most major cities around the world.

Expect to find foods that feature lamb, goat, chicken, fish. Of course, vegetarian options are also popular, as many Indian people don’t eat meat. Most Indian dishes are spicy and eaten while seated on the floor without cutlery. However, when you go to a restaurant in Europe or North America, you will receive utensils.

If you want to control the amount of spice in your food, you might try making your own. Making Indian food at home is not too difficult. Learn how to cook authentic dishes with Recipes from an Indian Kitchen.

Recipes from an Indian Kitchen

5. Mexican

Mexican cuisine is another healthy option that is highly regarded worldwide. Tomatoes, avocados, corn, and a sundry of meats such as beef, chicken, pork, and seafood are often featured on the menu.

It’s likely that, wherever you live, there’s a Mexican restaurant near you. But if you want to try your hand at preparing this cuisine yourself, buy a cookbook! The book A Taste of Mexico has authentic, simple recipes you can cook at home. Buy it now!

A Taste of Mexico

6. Japanese

Japanese cuisine is so trendy right now. White rice and soybeans are major staples of Japanese food, in addition to traditional meats. And of course, you can’t forget sushi!

Tokyo has 150 top-ranked Japanese restaurants, and Paris and London have 148.

Did you know you can make sushi right at home? First, you need sushi-grade meat from a local grocery store that has it in stock. Then, you need the additional ingredients, including rice, seaweed, and any fruits or veggies you want to include. Buy a sushi-making kit and get rolling!

If you want to branch out, pick up a copy of the Japanese Cookbook for Beginners.

Japanese Cookbook for Beginners

7. Greek

Greek cuisine is one type of Mediterranean food, and it some of the healthiest on the planet. Gyros are a popular Greek food, but that’s not all there is! If you travel to Greece, ihe Taverna and Estiatorio are places where you can find affordable and authentic cuisine.

If you’re stuck at home, you can still enjoy delicious Greek food! Recipes from The Complete Book of Greek Cooking are a great place to start. Buy it now!

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8. Thai

Thai food is growing in popularity as more people recognize the benefits of this country’s cuisine. They use flavors such as lime, fresh coriander, and lemongrass—all of which have health benefits. Rice is also served with most dishes.

Some of the most popular Thai dishes include ingredients such as noodles, shrimp paste, and fish sauce.

Try your hand at cooking this tasty cuisine with the cookbook Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen.

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9. Spanish

Spanish cuisine is known for its meat and fish-based dishes. Other seafood from the surrounding waters may also enter the dishes.

Most people pair dishes in Spain with Sangria, which is a drink made of wine and fruits. There are many different ways to make Sangria, so you should get a recipe book to try out different flavor combinations. The Best Sangria Ever Recipe Book is a perfect selection, with 40 different options!

To make Spanish food to pair with your Sangria, make recipies from a cookbook like Easy Spanish Cookbook. It’s less than $13 on Amazon!

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10. Lebanese

Another type of Mediterranean food, Lebanese dishes feature lots of vegetables and very little meat. The appetizer mezze is one of the most memorable dishes and is complete with pickles, Arabic bread, and salads. Dips are also served with this popular cuisine.

My Lebanese Cookbook: 80+ Family Favorites Made Simple is a great book to make your own authentic dishes. Buy it here!

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If you want the best cuisines in the world, these ten are a good place to start. Travel the world, find the best restaurants in your area, or cook it yourself! But be sure to try this tasty cuisine at least once in your lifetime.


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