Successful Fitness Transformations: 4 Things They All Have in Common

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We’ve all seen different fitness success stories.

Some of us have seen stories of people who went from beer bellies to full blown six-pack abs, from chain smokers to semi-professional runners, so on and so forth. And even if you don’t know a person that went through a major transformation, I’m sure you’ve seen it online—YouTube is full of them.

The case of JuMa Twins you see above is just one of thousands inspiring transformation stories out there. But when you realize your fitness has completely flat-lined while these guys are getting results practically on a daily basis, stories like this can be a little bit frustrating.

So what’s their secret to success?

What Are You Doing Wrong

Now, I wish I could tell you there’s some well-kept secret they know about fitness that you don’t; however, the truth is much simpler than that. All of those people achieved results through sheer determination and years of dedication to their fitness goals.

But there is some good news after all. You see, all of these success stories share more than a few common traits. Therefore, if you want achieve the same success, you need to learn about those traits, adopt them as soon as possible, and get on the right track.

And you never know—you may become the next big, inspiring success story and earn millions of views and shares on social networks all across the web.

Four Things You See in Every Success Story

1.    Major Lifestyle Changes

Let’s start things of by making one thing clear—none of those success stories would be remotely possibly without a complete lifestyle change. It is not about making small changes here and there—if you want real results, everything about your life has to change.

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This, of course, includes reducing detrimental habits like heavy drinking and smoking to a minimum, but that won’t be enough. You also need to change your diet in an effort to instill new, healthy eating habits. For some, this means cutting back on sweets and sugary treats, while for others, it means consulting a nutritionist and investing more time in meal prep.

2.    Extreme Determination

Acknowledging that you’re not completely satisfied with your life and saying that you’re going to make changes is simple enough. What’s more, buying new gear, seeing a specialist, and getting a gym membership is also fairly easy, but you’ll need some real determination to follow through on this promises.

So every time you hit the gym for a session or the road for a couple of laps, make sure bring a though, determined attitude with you. Also, keep in mind that there’s a long road before you, so don’t bother thinking about it too much, because you’ll only get discouraged before you even start working out.

3.    Strong Support System

If the vast majority of your friends are not in shape, chances are, you won’t get fit any time soon. And science is there to back up this claim. In fact, according to a 2007 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the people with whom we spend the most time with have a deep impact on our habits.

For example, the same study revealed that if your close friend starts smoking, your chances of doing so increase more than 36%. Basically, everyone needs a support system. So make sure to surround yourself with people dedicated to similar fitness goals.

4.    Self-Motivation

Now, finding a gym buddy and surrounding yourself with supporting people will get you started. That’s how most of guys who go through a transformation get the initial inspiration. But as your training starts to pick up and you see real results (whether it’s weight-loss or muscle-gain) your self-motivation will surely kick in.

After some time, you’ll naturally realize that you’re doing all of this for your own wellbeing and not just because you’ve made a promise to your close friends or loved ones. And once your motivation becomes more deep-rooted, you’ll know that you’ve embraced the new lifestyle completely.

Final Thoughts

If a fitness story has a happy ending, and you go through a complete physical transformation, you might get inspired to devote your life to helping others achieve their goals. As a result of their life-changing experience, people often become fitness instructors and personal trainers.

So give it a go—you’ll never what are you capable of, unless you try.

So those were four major things all body transformations have in common. Do you agree? Do you think we missed on something crucial? Are there some other things fitness transformations have in common? Make sure to leave a comment bellow and tell us what you think.

Author’s Bio: Hi there, my name is Vanessa, I’m originally from Long Island, New York and since my college days I’ve been borderline obsessed with healthy living and fitness. Whether it’s dieting, exercise, yoga or just about anything else of the sort, chances are I’ve tried it all, and now I want to pass on what I’ve learned to people who also want to try and change their lifestyle for the better.

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