The 5 Pillars Of Being Successful In College

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College is a time for self-exploration. Here are the 5 pillars of being successful in college success so you can make the most of it.Many people look forward to enjoying the quintessential four-year college experience. With all of the twists and turns, though, the college experience can be difficult to navigate. Grounding yourself in five pillars of being successful in college will help you make the most of it!

Pillar 1: Academics

We all know what the news networks, business magazines, and academic advisors say about college. It’s worth the time and financial resources spent, but as more and more high school graduates enter college a bachelor’s has become the norm in entering the workforce.

or some, the tens of thousands spent on their degree isn’t worth the hype. Personally, attending college was partly to follow in my parents’ footsteps and partly to engage in lifelong learning, which I did as a student. I am happy to say that with the college courses I took, I feel prepared to conquer anything the world tosses my way.

Pillar 2: Extracurriculars

Unless it’s greek life, this is often one of the most undervalued and underutilized aspects of the college experience. College isn’t just about acquiring great grades in class, but also building lifelong relationships, being apart of a community, and learning to create balance in our lives as young adults.

Extracurriculars are also a great way to stack your pre-graduate resume by getting involved with campus groups as a student leader. As a student, I balanced both academics and extracurriculars and was recognized for my personal contributions to the campus environment. As a result, I’ve been able to clarify my career goals and bolster my networking skills before entering the workforce.

Pillar 3: Professional Development

Major, internship, and job—these three words are constantly thrown at college students. However, it comes at the expense of some other topics that are also important.

For example, building your personal network while in school can help you after graduation. Networking is essential for making connections with those that could help attain that first dream internship or post-graduate job. I landed my first internship through my personal network as a college student on-campus.

Go forth and make some connections!

Pillar 4: Socializing

Human civilization is built around socializing with others in either niche or general communities. While in college, I found myself around those with strong interests in politics and student engagement, which I later realized shaped my career goals. Your social relationships in college are both about creating balance in your life, but also in learning who you are as a young adult.

Pillar 5: Time management

Many college graduates and soon-to-be graduates feel there isn’t enough time in college to focus on what they truly love. However, I disagree. I have found that many college students struggle with poor time management skills, which ultimately harms their personal health and overall excitement to learn.

As a recent graduate, I managed my time well and harnessed it as a guide for struggling students to safety when everything for them seemed hopelessly lost. I was able to make time for helping others, learning from others, and learn about myself.

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College is a time for self-exploration. To get the most out of your four years, focus on these pillars of being successful in college.

I know from personal experience of trying things outside of my comfort zone that this is a great time to experiment. I became a student leader who inspired others, networked my way into some amazing opportunities, and learned how to create balance in all areas of my life.

I hope that these five pillars of being successful in college are taught to many incoming college students. Everyone should understand that lifelong learning is multi-faceted. You learn just as much outside the classroom as in an academic environment.


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College is a time for self-exploration. Here are the 5 pillars of being successful in college success so you can make the most of it.

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