How Sleeping Apart Can Save your Marriage

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When you get married, it is considered that you two sleep together in the same bed. If for some reason, you decide to sleep separately, many people would think that something is wrong in your marriage. Some researchers have proved that this is not true and that, in fact, it is not desirable for a husband and wife to sleep in the same bed. Some people are quite restless in bed, some of them are snoring, and the digital era has brought smartphones and tablets in our bed.

Separate sleeping helps marriages remain happy and stable, and that both persons have some rest and sleep as much as they need. Some people try to keep their intimacy in all other ways, such as cuddling on the sofa, holding hands when they go out and having fun in bed, and that has nothing to do with a joint sleep.

sleeping apart

Smartphone and TV

Have you ever had a problem to fall asleep because your partner is on the telephone in bed, or likes to talk to his friends until late at night? Does your partner check social networks over the phone before bedtime? Unfortunately, these habits can bring more harm than use in a mutual bed. Using your smartphones before the bedtime, or even worse while you are in bed, may lead to a change of your biological rhythm. This means that it may happen that you cannot sleep until later than usual. If you get up early every day, the quality of sleep will be getting worse. These gadget activities can stimulate the brain to be alert even when it should actually have some rest. When your brain is in a state of activity, it takes much more time to recognize and realize that it is time to sleep.

Using the phone during sleep does not only affect the one who uses it but also affects the partner who wants to sleep. The sound and light coming from the phone irritate and annoy the person who wants to sleep. Because of these things, life becomes much more difficult; there is a fighting all the time and discussion, which can lead to bigger problems, such as divorce. TV in the room also has a great influence on the dream of both partners. Just like with smartphones, late watching TV at the time of sleep negatively influences the relationship of the partner.

There are people who love and enjoy watching movies from bed, and it gives them great pleasure especially when getting ready for sleep. In those moments they feel calm and only then are they ready to separate the time for what they want. Because of that, there are some huge problems with the partner, who after a certain effort during the day, simply wants to sleep, because he/she feels that it is a time to go to bed. No one wants to cope with it; so many couples choose to sleep in a separate room. For them, this is the only solution for a quiet dream and a peaceful marriage.

Snoring and teeth grinding

Snoring affects the sleep of both people sleeping together, and that affects your relationship. Because of the exhaustion, people are nervous and quarrelsome. Snoring is a type of respiratory disorder during sleep that affects the quality and quantity of the sleeper and the person he/she sleeps with. Poor quality of sleep influences thinking and reasoning. The lack of sleep can make us irritable. But if you sleep in separate beds, it doesn’t have to mean that your relationship or marriage came to an end. On the contrary, you will be happier. Life will again be beautiful as the beginnings of your relationship. A third of people are snoring, and it’s equally disturbingly teasing your teeth.

People who are prone to teeth grinding while sleeping, usually suffer from other sleep disorders, such as apnea and snoring. If teeth grinding is mild, then the treatment is not necessary. However, if teeth grinding is often and strong, it can cause jaw dysfunction, tooth damage, headaches and other problems.  If the teeth grinding becomes a real problem, the dentist can make you a splint that protects your teeth and prevents gnawing.

Most often, a person cannot register his night teeth grinding, but is warned by a partner who cannot sleep because of this. In addition to these health problems, there is a problem with the partner. Snoring and teeth grinding affect the dream of a person who sleeps beside us. As we know, sleep is a very important factor in the functioning of one person, so when we are sleepless, we are nervous and irritable. This affects marriage and the relationship between partners. So it’s better to sleep separately when or if you have these troubles.

Restless sleeping

When we put the elbow under our ribs, it may be very uncomfortable, especially when sleeping. While we sleep, the brain calms our muscles, in order not to react physically to what we dream. Many doctors describe this as a kind of protection. However, sometimes in the dream, there is a twitching and unconscious kicking of the partner while we sleep. Sometimes, it may happen that our reflexes are stronger while sleeping so we can actually kick our partner very hard. Such phenomena can often happen due to poor dreaming and also due to the lack of Ferrum in the body.

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You’ve been bothering to fall asleep for some time. Does it sometimes happen that you find yourself uncovered while sleeping with your partner? Maybe it’s warm when your partner hugs you when you are in bed, so you cannot sleep? Changing the temperature in bed, from warm to cold, makes you to turn from one side to another constantly. You hope to find the perfect position where you will fall asleep like a baby, but your partner does not help you much when it comes to this. Fighting for a blanket or a cover, while you are sleeping, is common in marriage, and it happens to many people. One partner sleeps firmly, turns around, and then pulls a blanket with him/her, so the other partner feels cold, especially in the winter. Because of that, sleeping is bad, and it creates nervousness.

On the other hand, many people are bothered by the heat, and there are people who like to sleep without covering because they feel so peaceful. Some couples use two blankets, but there is a problem when partners turn to each other. The heat is even bigger, and there is no sleep. Some use simple sheets to cover, because of the heat, and then it happens that one of the partners pulls the sheet on his/her side, so the other one feels cold.

All these problems are difficult to solve because many people who have them are not aware of these problems. Some couples were looking for experts who could help them. Many couples solve it differently, and one of the ways is considering sleeping in separate rooms. Because if you are satisfied with your sleeping, it will be easier for you to spend your day at work which is full of obligations, and therefore marriage will remain beautiful.

sleeping apart

As we can conclude, there are many reasons for you to have a good, quality and healthy sleep. And if somebody disturbs you when you sleep, you need to solve these problems. Many of us are different, we have our own habits, and we are hard on giving up on them, so, this occasionally may disturb others.

However, when we sleep well, everything is so easy. We will be in a good mood to handle our problems and obligations, and that is the same feeling our partner should have. This doesn’t mean that your intimate life will suffer and that your love will dry. You will be able to please your partner, but isn’t it easier when you are happy and in the mood?

That is why sleeping in separate rooms is one of the quick and easy solutions for people who are in a relationship or marriage and deal with the above-mentioned problems. Enjoy your marriage the way you should – without quarrels and calmly.

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