6 Helpful Things To Know For Your Next Skiing Vacation

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6 Helpful Things To Know For Your Next Skiing Vacation

A skiing vacation can be a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends. It is even more excellent if you do a little research to ensure your ski resort has everything you need. Finding the best location, accommodations, and equipment for your group makes your vacation the most productive and exhilarating as it can be.

So, what are the important things to look for in a skiing vacation? Let’s find out.

**DISCLAIMER: At the time of publication for this post, we are amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. Please consult with the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control before traveling.**

1. Set a Budget

You can go all out and enjoy a lavish skiing vacation, or you can do it on a limited budget. It is essential you know how much you have to spend on your trip, so you don’t spend hours researching a resort and location only to realize it is out of your reach.

Skiing has a few extra costs that are easy to miss. So check the price of the lift passes, equipment rental, and the cost of eating out if possible. Having this information will help you select the right option for your group.

2. Location

There are plenty of good options for skiing around the world. In the United States, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, and Oregon all have excellent skiing. Europe also has some great options. Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Spain have excellent skiing.

If you thinking of skiing in Europe, Andorra is a great destination. Check out Grandvalira with Esquiades. This online ski agency is very popular in Europe and many skiers use it as they offer ski package deals to suit all budgets.

Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier to select which city or town you want to go to. If you need some more help, using a tool like Momondo can give you information to pick the best destination for you. And as a bonus, they will help you stick to your budget! Check out Momondo today.

3. Ski Resort

The best way to find the perfect resort for your skiing vacation is to make a list of what you want it to have. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Are there beginners or advanced skiers in your group?
  • Does anyone in your group snowboard?
  • Do you want good nightlife and other activities besides skiing?
  • Are there children traveling with you?
  • Is it easy to get to the resort from your accommodation?
  • Does anyone in your group need ski lessons?
  • Is it far from the nearest airport?
  • How will you travel around town

When you know what you want and set your budget, you are ready to move on to the next important aspect of organizing a skiing trip.

4. Accommodations

There are a number of accommodation options in most ski resorts. Again, you can stay in a luxury apartment or hotel, but there are other options too depending on where you are in the world. Consider:

  • Catered Chalet: Here, your meals are taken care of leaving you to ski and explore the delights of where you are staying.
  • Shared Chalet: Unless you book the whole chalet, you will share it with others. This is not as daunting as it sounds as you’ll make like-minded friends. Just be prepared to give and take as part of a group.
  • Hotel: Most hotels offer bed and breakfast as standard with the option for evening meals in the hotel itself. There is usually a range of hotels to stay in terms of quality so you should be able to find one that fits your budget.
  • Self-Catered Apartments: A good choice for families or if you are happy to cook meals yourself, this option gives you privacy, and you can choose when to eat as you are not fixed to a schedule.

Whatever option you choose, there are some other requirements to check, such as:

  • Is your accommodation ski-in, ski-out? If so, then you’re going to pay a higher price and is this higher price worth the convenience?
  • If your accommodation is not ski-in, ski-out how close are the slopes, bars, facilities, and entertainment?
  • Can you store equipment close to the slopes or do you have to carry it back and forth?
  • How are you going to get to the resort from where you are staying?

Choosing accommodations is quite a big deal for a skiing holiday.

5. Booking Online

Most online sites are reputable, but it is still worth checking out the site’s credibility before you start entering your credit card number. It is a good idea to check reviews and check out the website thoroughly to ensure it has a professional feel.

You can book with confidence with Esquiades. They have a team of ski and snowboard experts that are happy to assist you through the booking process and are available 365 days a year.

6. Buy or Rent Equipment

This is a question many skiers ponder season in season out. In many respects, it depends on how often you hit the slopes and your skiing level.

Many seasoned skiers and snowboarders think that once you reach an intermediate level, it is time to invest in your own equipment. Boots especially are important, and a professional boot fitter can help you find a good pair for you. If you live for skiing, it is time to invest.

Skiing vacations are a brilliant way to spend time in nature with loved ones. Make sure you choose the right one for you and your group by knowing these six things before you hit the slopes.

6 Helpful Things To Know For Your Next Skiing Vacation

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