10 Simple Organizing Ideas For Your New Home

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10 Simple Organizing Ideas For Your New Home

Moving to a new home gives people the opportunity to accomplish a lot of cleaning and organizing. When you get to your new pad and are ready to set it up, what better way to do so than with some simple organizing ideas? Each of the tips below can be used to make your home a wonderful place to live.

1. Donate Old Clothes, Toys, and Other Clutter

Donate things that you do not use when you realize that you no longer use them. You can use a donation pickup service to get rid of things in the house that create clutter. You should not keep things that you do not wear, and you can get rid of all the toys that your kids don’t play with anymore. Be honest with yourself about old clothes, and donate baby clothes your friends cannot use. Not only will you help out someone, but you will also free up space and have things to organize!

2. Closet Shelves

closet filled with towels and baskets

Add shelves in your closets to make them easier to use. A simple shelving unit is very simple to install and manage because you can move it to any part of the closet. Designate different shelves for different objects, so you always know where things are. For example, use one shelf for shoes, another for pants, and another for shirts.

3. Garage Storage

A simple organizing trick in garages is to add cabinets or shelves. There, you can store tools, car parts, and seasonal items. You should use garage storage to keep items out of the house, so you might need to move things to the garage when you rarely use them. Doing so will give you even more space inside your home to find a place for the things you use frequently.

4. Basement Storage

You can add a lot of storage units to your basement to store all the things that you typically use every day. Many people use their basement as a walk-thru storage space. I suggest creating “rooms,” or zones, so you know where to find things.

Even if you use your basement for more than storage, you can use some simple organizing methods to keep the space free of clutter while still keeping a lot of things there. For example, using clear bins to sort and stack items is a big help.

5. Bathroom Storage

Most of us keep a lot of items in our bathrooms. Bathroom storage solutions that work the best are ones that move things out of sight. You can stuff bathroom items into a cabinet and drawers, but don’t stop there. Add linen storage to the room. Use drawer organizers to keep track of all your smaller bathroom necessities. Install a medicine cabinet to store items there as well.

You can also the bathroom as a place to hide your cleaning products because you will use many of them in the bathroom anyway. Plus, you can put your air fresheners, soaps, shampoo, and extra toiletry products in the bathroom.

6. Kitchen Storage

kitchen area

When it comes to kitchen storage, you need to think about how to organize food, dishware, and the small appliances you use in the kitchen. You should spread out your kitchen storage so that you have space for both the utensils, pots, and pans. You can hide storage containers around the kitchen, and you can move your glass to their own cabinet. Once you have stored all the things you use to cook and eat, you can move your food to its own pantry.

7. The Kitchen Pantry

Alright, the pantry is its own ordeal. First and foremost, you need a kitchen pantry that makes it easy to find what you need. Simple organizing methods are crucial to do that. You can store all your food in one place, and you can organize your food in a way that makes it easy to find everything. Again, turn to clear storage bins of various sizes, to preserve your food.

8. Modular Living Room Furniture

Modular living room furniture makes it easy for you to organize (and reorganize) the room to make space for your family. You can open up your home to make it seem bigger than it truly is. Plus, you can use end tables in the room to add storage space. The storage space in your home should be supplemented by magazine baskets or racks in your living room. You can get an ottoman that helps you add storage, or you could get a large coffee table with a movable top.

9. Recessed Lighting

You should use recessed lighting in the house to eliminate the need for so many lamps. You want the house to be well-lit, but you cannot do that when your lamps take up too much space. Not to mention, lamps don’t ultimately light up a room as well as lighting in the walls and ceiling. Recessed lighting helps you save floor and table space.

10. Bedroom Storage

Bedroom storage is very easy to manage because you can slide storage bins under your bed. Yes, you did well to add storage to your closet. However, there are certain things that you might want to slide under your bed, such as winter coats during the warmer months. Label the bins so you know exactly what’s in them and don’t have to go searching for things when you need them.

When you are trying to organize your home, you can use each of the ten tips above to make it a beautiful space with little to no clutter.

10 Simple Organizing Ideas For Your New Home

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