5 Big Reasons Why Sex Toys Aren’t As Taboo Anymore

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5 Big Reasons Why Sex Toys Aren't As Taboo Anymore

We are fortunate to live in a day and age where sex and using sex toys aren’t so taboo anymore.

In 2021, people can talk about sex toys just as openly as we can speak of period products, fitness, and mental health. Sex toys are wildly fun, sexually healthy, and desire-fulfilling. Why not embrace them?

There are many incredible devices designed to provide one thing: pure pleasure. So if you’ve had your eyes on a complex and orgasm-inducing triple pleasure vibrator or even a simple dildo, don’t hesitate!

Here are five reasons sex toys are not so taboo anymore—and why they make excellent additions to the bedroom.

1. Women now Dominate the industry

In the early 70s, when the sex toy market was at one of its peaks, it was dominated by males.

Men took the helm of the sex toy business and development. Because of this, early sex toys were flushed with what men thought were effective toys. Going on what they assumed would make for valuable assets in the bedroom led to the regular shape of the penis (a dildo) acting as the standard.

Sex toys were created based on what men thought felt good and not what women knew felt good. So how could men possibly generate a toy to fulfill the endless variety of a woman’s personal choice of pleasure?

The excellent news is that it is changing!

There are more toys designed for women than there are for men. So it only makes sense that women should take the lead in this industry. And they are! Women are now rising in the sex toy industry with definitive prowess.

From sex toy designers to online and retail shop owners, women are now creating devices that speak to their desires. This means taking the time to design toys that go well beyond the simple shape of a penis. Directly, sex toys provide female-specific pleasure through designs that cater to a wide range of personal preferences.

This overall gender change of market dominance is a sign that the taboo around sex toys is beginning to dissipate.

2. Product Innovation

Do you know what’s lovely about sex toys? There are so many designs that anyone can find a toy pleasurable.

Sex toys now cater to all walks of life thanks to more innovative products. So no matter your kink, turn-on, or pleasure zone, you’ll find a sex toy.

Sex toys are also designed with other types of inclusivity in mind. For example, there are now devices that people with disabilities can use too!

So whether you like to keep it simple with a little bullet vibrator or prefer a triple pleasure vibrator, there’s a sex toy just for you. You can thank the innovative minds in the industry for continuing to shake taboos so they can create toys we all come to love.

3. Hollywood and other Media

Sex is finding a new space in Hollywood, books, and other media. Erotic works in this space were once far and few between. But now there is a massive market for this type of entertainment!

Sex toys are showcased in popular movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey. There’s also more erotic literature, films about sex, and more media coverage on the health benefits and relationship benefits of sex.

Sex itself is so successful in modern entertainment because people love it! So when we produce works that highlight sexual acceptance, it becomes less taboo.

Thanks to media exposure, sex toys are not as taboo as they once were. Hollywood might help further inform and exhibit the positives of wild and kinky sex.

4. Sex Toys Fill Gaps in Relationships

It is sometimes challenging to meet every one of your partner’s sexual desires. Whether that’s due to erectile dysfunction, an orgasm slump, or simply wanting to spice things up, sex isn’t always what you want it to be. Sex toys can help fill any gaps in your sex life.

You can experience more sexual satisfaction by playing with a sex toy—on your own or with your partner. Sex toys are not a sign of nasty sex but a way to improve it.

5. Sheer Science

One of the main reasons why sex toys are more socially acceptable is science!

Scientific advancement allows us to create sex toys based on anatomy and not just assumptions. It is also allowing helping us to develop toys that keep us connected to our partners.

For example, some vibrators can be controlled at a distance via an app on your phone! That means long-distance partners can still give and receive pleasure even apart.

Many advancements in the sex toy industry led to these devices being far less taboo.

What do you think about this topic? Please share with us in the comments!!

5 Big Reasons Why Sex Toys Aren't As Taboo Anymore

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