8 Ways To Save A Relationship With Your Ex

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8 Ways To Save A Relationship With Your Ex

Relationships are unique. Some are meant to last for a lifetime, whereas others are intended to be learning opportunities that help you find your soulmate in the future.

Saving a relationship is often down to whether it was suitable for you or your partner in the first place. While many people will move on from an ex-partner quickly, others might attempt to regain their relationship without an opportunity.

Again, every relationship is different, so what can be saved with one connection might not be possible with another. Have you had a recent breakup? Could it be saved? Let’s take a look at the top tips when it comes to keeping a relationship with your ex.

#1) Give them space

While it might be excruciatingly painful not to have any contact with them, especially if they would be the person you’d come to for most things in life, it’s good to give them space.

Space helps a person to reflect, and it will also help you to reflect on where the relationship might have gone wrong. It could be a one-sided problem, or most likely, it’s a problem that’s equally shared.

Giving them space will provide both of you time to process your feelings so that you can truly understand what has happened and whether or not it’s best to approach them. Everyone needs a varying degree of time to reflect, so don’t rush this for yourself or your ex-partner.

#2) Check with the experts

Is the relationship worth saving, or is there a possibility that it could be saved? Speaking to a relationship coach might be a worthwhile practice to consider the degree of likelihood of reconciling with your ex.

For example, it might be that you’ve drifted apart and that specific solutions could help you reconnect again. In other scenarios where you’ve cheated on your partner, your partner may not be interested in getting back to you.

Every relationship is different, especially regarding how and why it ended. Relationship experts are great to speak to for a third-party opinion on whether a relationship can be salvaged. 

#3) Reach out to them when it feels right

It’s time to reconnect once you’ve let the dust settle on the relationship. However, ensure you’ve understood whether or not it’s the right time to do so. The last thing you want to do is to reach out to them when they either don’t like you anymore, or it’s too fresh.

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You’ll likely be able to get a sense of when they’re ready to talk, whether that’s them reaching out already or depending on how much hurt has been caused within the relationship.

It’s also essential to assess your feelings and whether you feel ready to approach the subject of reconciliation without getting upset or defensive. Remember, your ex might not want what you want, which you must accept.

#4) Acknowledge the hurt that’s been caused

It’s not always the case for every breakup; there’s usually some hurt caused by those involved in the relationship. It could be a one-sided issue, such as cheating on your or vice versa.

Save A Relationship

There could be a joint amount of hurt that’s been caused. Relationships end for many reasons, and there are usually indicators or flags that, in hindsight, were evidence of an impending breakup. 

Acknowledging the hurt caused is essential, whether or not it results in you getting back together.

#5) Sit down and discuss the potential of getting back together

Speaking of getting back together, you won’t know whether it’s possible unless you sit down and talk. Again, your partner might be unwilling to entertain this, indicating that the relationship is over.

Save A Relationship

However, if your ex-partner is willing to sit down and discuss the potential of getting back together, this is a positive step forward. Show your commitment and determination by showing up and sitting for an adult discussion. Put this in a public setting if you or your partner prefer, or do it in the comfort of a private space.

#6) Don’t rush the repairs needed

Several repairs may be needed to save a relationship with an ex-partner. It would be best not to rush; otherwise, it may be like putting a band-aid over the problem when the initial wound hasn’t been fixed.

When you’ve sat down and discussed the potential repairs needed, take your time to address these one at a time. That way, there’s more likelihood of success in your relationship in the future.

#7) Dedicate more time to the relationship

It’s essential to check whether more time is needed to dedicate to the relationship or if you need to step back slightly if you are giving too much. Sometimes, you might be required to spend more time working on the relationship and dedicating more time. 

In others, the problem could be that you prioritized only the relationship within your life. There’s so much more to life than your relationship with another human being, so understand how much time you dedicate to the relationship this time around.

#8) Do a trial period to assess whether it’s right

Finally, to test the waters, make sure to do a trial period to determine the potential success of the relationship. You may find that problems still can’t be fixed during this time. For other relationships, the trial period might pass with flying colors. It’s essential to initially put a timer on it to determine whether it’s right.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll have more clarity on whether this relationship that’s just ended can be salvaged.

8 Ways To Save A Relationship With Your Ex

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