How to Remain Fit while Working at the Office

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Yes, it’s true that there are good quality synthetic products like Testosterone Cypionate C250 to give us an increased strength. Although I am a regular user of this testosterone product, which gives me expected results, staying fit in office is something beyond this. When I discussed with my health expert about this issue, he gave some useful tips. I followed those for about six months, and I found that they worked for me. I am sharing those tips here. I hope this would be useful for you as well. Know them here…

Use your legs, not the elevators!

remain fit working at the office
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Today, there is no workplace without elevators. Yes, I agree that taking steps during work hours will be out of range for most of us. In the morning hours, we will be rushing to report on time. But, I would say using your legs as much as possible will help you. What I do is to start a bit earlier from my home and will leave my car in the farthest parking slot from my building. From there, I used to walk and to reach my floor; I will take steps. Whenever I can’t climb up my steps, I used to compensate the drill by taking steps down a couple of times. Although I found it difficult to follow this in the beginning, now it’s all set.

Keep walking on the floor

While at work, most of us forget even to move. To be sedentary while at work is one of the primary reasons for several health issues. I felt it necessary to keep myself walking on the floor whenever possible. I used to move to give myself some stretches at least once in an hour. If possible, I used to get off from my seat and sit back again whenever I can. Although there are telephones and messenger services at my desk, I made it a habit of reaching to the person’s table to give my instructions or requests. These small things are helping me to keep myself active. And, others see me as an active geek.

Have breakfast at any cost

remain fit working at the office
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Everyone is facing the problem to reach office on time. But, whatever is the situation, don’t ever think of skipping breakfast. When you are sleeping in the night, our metabolism is getting slowed down. To revive our metabolism, it’s important to have breakfast within a few hours of waking up. Also, my health trainer told me that skipping this first meal of the day would increase my craving for fatty foods, which could negatively impact my health.

To avoid these, we need to be very cautious about our breakfasts. Even if you are in a rush, keep some boxes of cereals or some instant foods at your desk. This would help you eat something before starting your work at your office. By doing this perfectly, you can feel the difference of how you are staying active at work. Make others get inspired from you this way!

Keep eyes on your water bottle

remain fit working at the office
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It’s natural that when we get interested in completing our work or when we are pressurized to complete tasks, we will forget our thirst. But, water is not a thing that can be neglected at all. Several studies are showing the importance of drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. As a person who is in a fitness program, it’s important for me not to put any additional weight. My health trainer told that keeping my eyes on water bottle all through the day will help us lose weight. I do this now! I don’t forget to take my sips of water. If you are not using bottles, rise from your seat, walk to your aqua, and get your sips. This will serve a dual purpose!

Stay away from snacks

Everyone is interested in snacking at work. While it’s true that snacks will keep us awake, a recent study has proved that around forty percent of office goers have gained at least six pounds in a year just because they snacked at work. Even if you feeling hungry, you should not choose something like your tortilla chips that are available at the vending machines. Instead, I would advise you to go for healthy options like an apple or some other fruits.

In this, I would like to remind you a point that if your meals are good enough, there is no need of any additional snacks. Watching out on our meals is the best way to avoid snacks. It’s possible for me to stay away from snacks. If you cannot do this, not a problem! But, always try to stick to real fruits than the dry ones.


After sharing the above tips on how to stay fit while at the office, I am now confident that you too can benefit from them. With people getting busier every day with work, such simple tips can easily be incorporated into your busy schedule. The best for me is using the stairway in the morning to my office on the fifth floor. Try them today and see the change.

With people getting busier every day with work, these simple tips to remain fit while working, can easily be incorporated into your busy schedule.

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