How to Choose the Right Awards Company for Your Recognition Trophies

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How to Choose the Right Awards Company for Your Recognition Trophies

Running a successful business is not all about striking deals and selling or purchasing items—there’s also the human aspect. Your employees play a critical role, as they enable your business to run and provide valuable knowledge to help the business become successful. That’s why you have to find a healthy balance between attaining a good ROI and treating your team well. Employees are loyal to a company when they believe that they are appreciated and treated well. One way to do this is by giving out recognition trophies.

According to Glassdoor, employees don’t seek greener pastures when they are appreciated at their current workplace. Appreciating your team isn’t rocket science. It can be as easy as thanking your team for a job well done, or giving them cash bonuses and cards over the holidays. You can also offer recognition awards and executive gifts to recognize sales achievements, retirement, years of service, donations, participation, and other accomplishments. Corporate awards usually go a long way in showing your team you care and that they matter. Seeing how prestigious these awards are, it’s often best to find one that’s crafted from the best quality material and artistry. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the top things to look for when choosing the right awards company for your business’ recognition trophies. 

Quality Experience

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Your first step to finding the right awards company is to look at their experience. Just like any other business, awards companies vary in their levels of experience. Some companies are more experienced than others. To that regard, you want to find a company with adequate expertise to create the kind of solution you are seeking. It’s even better when they are knowledgeable enough to meet or surpass your expectations. Looking at their years in business and their previous work (preferably those that are similar to what you want), can help you determine whether they are the right fit.

Range of products

This is especially critical if you run a big organization with several employees. A company that offers an extensive inventory of products gives you the best shot at finding whatever it is you are looking for. It also makes it easy to come up with ideas of the kinds of recognition awards you should be giving your team. Examples of business trophies and recognition awards that you may want to buy for your organization include monogrammed gifts, clocks, retirement plaques, economy awards, eagle awards, leadership trophies, year of service awards, and so on. Additionally, there is a variety of materials you can select, including crystal, premium crystal, glass, wood, and acrylic. You want to ensure the company you order your products from offers everything you want.


Taking time to understand the company and what they are known for can help save you from headaches later on. In addition to giving a company a competitive advantage, a good business reputation can help clients like you decide whether or not to work with a company. You need this information to form an opinion about a business. The opinions also guide you on how to relate and interact with the business. If an awards company has a bad reputation, or no reputation for that matter, its best to keep looking.

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Reviews and testimonials

What better way to learn about an awards company than to look at what their previous clients are saying about them? The past clients are often a great resource to find out all you can about the company in question. They will inform you about their experience working with the company and every other detail. Reading through testimonials and reviews can also give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Customer service

It is easy to overlook this aspect when looking for an awards company, yet it plays a crucial role in finding the right company for you. Remember, there will be plenty of back and forth communication between you and the company in question. Therefore, you want the team to be responsive, resourceful, and pleasant to work with. The best way to determine this is by looking at how fast they respond to your questions, how happy they are to serve you and what their past clients are saying about the company’s customer support system.

It doesn’t matter what you are awarding your employees for, you must ensure that the recognition trophies are personalized and high-quality. You can’t do that by randomly picking the awards company you order from, so we hope these tips for finding the best one helps you. Good luck building the culture of your company so that your employees love where they work!

How to Choose the Right Awards Company for Your Recognition Trophies

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