Quick wins: 6 surprising tips to dress younger

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Few would disagree that staying young is one of the few evergreen topics that are out there on the internet. In other words, regardless of what year you log on, you’ll find that this is a topic which is popular with everyone.

Of course, it’s popular because it’s difficult. Basic biology dictates that we are all going to age, with the human body adapting in all sorts of different ways.

For the purposes of today, we are not going to focus on some of the high-tech plastic surgery procedures that are now doing the rounds. These are certainly becoming more common, but a lesser-known tip is to just rely on your wardrobe.

As such, let’s now take a look at some of the best ways to use fashion to make you look a lot younger than you really are.

Go wild with patterns

colorful styles to dress younger

OK, don’t go too wild, but if you are wandering down Covent Garden and spot a patterned outfit then don’t be afraid to give it a go.

These loud prints are able to scream youthfulness. It’s something that is generally only worn by young people, so opting for more brash designs can work wonders for your perceived age.

What patterns should you look to avoid? Anything which is too structured, like zigzags and geometrics are a bit of a no-go, and you should instead be opting for soft edges.

Ditch black from your wardrobe

For a long time, black has grabbed the headlines and for some age groups, it always will.

However, as soon as you start to get a little bit older, it’s time to relegate it in your wardrobe somewhat. Sure, it might be versatile, but its drawbacks relate to that first point we made when we spoke about patterns. It can look a bit formal, and just add a few too many years onto your perceived age. Instead of opting for black, browns and greys are much more beneficial.

Eradicate the fly

It’s something that you have probably got very used to over the years. But for the purposes of preserving your youth, we would encourage you to eradicate the fly from your wardrobe.

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In other words, try and find trousers or skirts which doesn’t have a fastening mechanism – they just slip on.

Why is this important? As you get older, your lower stomach becomes a little more prominent and can spill out somewhat. Without a fly, this is far less obvious.

Don’t be afraid of donning more skin

Don't be afraid of donning more skin one tip to dress younger

You might be a little older, but that doesn’t mean to say that the rules have been tightened up when it comes to showing more skin. Sure, mini-skirts might be out of the equation, but try to stop worrying about issues like varicose veins and similar conditions that are more common amongst older people. They are issues that affect everyone and if you are really conscious about them, turn to some leg makeup.

Be wary of being sensible on your feet

OK, let’s give some context for this next heading. We’re not talking about having too many G&Ts the next time you venture down for an evening out, but more about your choice in footwear.

As we get older, a lot of us tend to sway towards the sensibility-factor when it comes to our shoes. Remember the time when you couldn’t close your wardrobe door because it was full to the brim of fancy footwear? Well, don’t be afraid of returning to such an era. Anything with heels will add glamour and while you should always keep one eye on comfort, don’t be “too sensible” when it comes to this area of fashion as it can make you age quicker than you might imagine.

Buy clothes that fit

It sounds ridiculously simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this next tip is something that very few of us actually implement. At some point through life, we grow tired of shopping glamorously, and in the end, we are left with a wardrobe where very few garments fit properly. In other words, they somehow slip onto our body.

What does this result in? Your clothes become baggy and just don’t tailor to your figure.

If you can find clothes that do fit your figure well, you’ll soon find that your silhouette will become more youthful as everything will be shown off in its finest possible way.

A final piece of advice: prepare to adapt

As you can see, we have today documented six pieces of advice that can help you use fashion to your advantage when it comes to looking younger.

Sure, it’s unlikely to knock decades from your perceived age – but it will make a considerable difference.

If we were to hone in on just one general piece of advice, it would be prepared to adapt. Your body is changing, as is your personality, and your clothes need to resemble this. It doesn’t mean to say that you need to opt for “boring” or “sensible” outfits, but being shrewd with the garments that you opt for is paramount in your quest to look younger than what your birth certificate really states.

Let's take a look at some of the best ways to use fashion to make you look a lot younger than you really are. Here are the 6 surprising tips to dress younger

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