What You Need To Know To Protect Your Truck Bed

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What You Need To Know To Protect Your Truck Bed

As a truck owner, it is no longer a matter of choice but a necessity to provide the truck with the right protection. There are several reasons why you should protect your truck bed. One is to make it last longer. Another is to preserve and enhance its curbside appeal.

The bed of a pick-up truck is not a smooth, flat surface. There are ridges, grooves, and humps. Depending on the things you load into your truck, the bed can have scratches, dents, and rust buildup over time if not protected. Moreover, some items can roll and slip, which can cause breakage and spillage.

To prevent damaging your truck bed and protect the items you haul, one of the ways to protect your truck bed is by installing a liner.

What is a truck bed liner?

The liner is a material that provides a protective layer for the truck bed. It can be made from marine-grade carpet, thermoplastic, rubber, or polyurethane material. Typically, a truck bed liner covers the entire bed of the truck. Some styles also cover the rail walls and tailgate.

Why should you use one?

You can site two key reasons why it is vital to install a truck bed liner.

One is that lining your truck bed with a protective material of your choice prevents corrosion. Another is the prevention of dents and scratches.

Even if you are careful, without putting a protective layer on the bed of your truck, nicks, dents, and scratches will occur. Once the original top layer is scratched, dust, sand, and other materials can seep in, causing corrosion and even mold buildup.

What are the options?

You have several options and your choice depends on your budget and the type of things you load into your truck.

1.  Bed mat and bed rug

You can use a rubber mat to protect your truck bed. However, you can only protect the floor of the truck bed, but not the sides with a mat. Another option is a bed rug, which works similarly. A bed rug is made from polypropylene material.

2.  Drop-in liner

A drop-in bed liner is made from hard plastic. It is a better option than the mat. It is like a shell that you put into the truck, which can provide protection for the floor, bulkhead, and sidewalls.

Then, you can remove a drop-in bed liner if you do not need it.

It will provide adequate protection, but it needs to fit the truck bed tightly. Dirt, sand, liquid, and other small materials can enter the gap between the liner and the walls of the truck.

3.  Spray-on bed liner

If you want long-lasting protection, choose a spray-on bed liner, a high-quality truck bed liner that will last for several years.

While it is the most expensive among the truck bed liners, it is also the most durable. It provides the utmost protection for your truck bed.

The material, which is made from polyurethane, polyurea, or a mix of both substances, provides superior coverage. The spray-on bed liner provides a non-slip, textured layer of protection, which will prevent items from rolling around the bed of the truck.

Spray-on bed liners adhere to the prepared surface perfectly, sealing gaps, joints, crevices, corners, and any minor dents and scratches.


Consider how you are going to use your pickup truck before you decide which bed liner you should choose. Now that you know the pros and cons of each option, you can make the right decision for you!


What You Need To Know To Protect Your Truck Bed

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