The Pros and Cons of Internships that Students Face

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Well, summer is here, at least in some areas. It still seems far away in other places! But there is nothing like a summer internship. Regardless of whether the sun is out, May to August is often known as the season for doing a summer internship.

Doing an internship can help you gain industry experience, boost your resume, broaden your network, and allow you to earn some money. In today’s scenario, an internship can be an excellent way to get the best job at your doorstep.

But, as you know, all internships are not at all equal. If there are benefits, then there must be disadvantages. This post will focus on the Pros and Cons of Internships that students face.

Let’s start with its positive aspects.

Pros of Internships

Students are guaranteed to have valuable experience. Believe it or not, internships provide some work experience to students that they just can’t get in any classroom. They may not be taking the internships in the desired profile they want to pursue, but this experience will benefit them in the future in some way or another.

It helps students decide on the right career path. If you are confused about choosing the right career path, doing an internship is a great way to get out of this situation. Internships are meant to be short-term.

It helps you identify the right opportunity and explore the fields of social work that you may not have realized earlier. So, test your future career and find out if it is a career you are meant to have.

Increased chances of getting the jobEmployers are more concerned about your work experience than your qualifications, and an internship is the only way to gain the work experience you need to get the job, so it plays a vital role in your resume. Many employers prefer/require only students who have already done an internship or have professional working experience, and in competitive job markets, sometimes it becomes essential to set yourself aside from others.

The Cons of Internships

Even though there are many benefits, as I have mentioned above, every system also has flaws. Given below are a few points that are not advantageous-

Low or no pay – Many undergraduates are financially challenged; they depend entirely on their part-time jobs. In such cases, getting a job without a relationship with your career goals may become more critical to making ends meet. Thankfully, good companies pay their interns well, but what if you get a job with those who pay nothing or a lower wage than regular employees?

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Nothing is guaranteed – Truly speaking, no employer can ensure that the experience you’ll gain during internships will benefit you. Generally, internships are well-planned, but it is all about what you like and don’t like in your job and employer. It may happen that your internship doesn’t turn out to be the way you expected earlier. Plus, you have no certainty that you will get a full-time job offer after completing an internship program.

If you enroll in an internship with your mind open, it can be a mesmerizing experience and a way to start a professional career. However, you need to know as much about the program as possible to gain as much knowledge as possible.

If possible, connect with people who have already interned there. Find out what they like or dislike about the program, and keep everything in mind. This way, you can measure its pros and cons and commit to a program that fits your career goal.

The Pros and Cons of Internships that Students Face

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