How To Plan For an Awesome New Year

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How To Plan For an Awesome New Year

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Ah, a new year. There is nothing more refreshing than the opportunity that is a new year. It is so easy to dream big on January first, but it is also easy to get overwhelmed with all that possibility too! That is why I like to take a step back and really prepare myself for the new year so that it can be as successful as the year before.

Here is what I do to plan for an awesome new year.

Step 1: Reflect on The Past Year

my 2019 at a glance

I am an overachiever. And as an overachiever, it is really easy for me to move on to the next goal without really reflecting on what I’ve already accomplished. This is why I like to take a moment to really think about what went well the year before to not only be aware of what I did but to also show future me what is possible to achieve in a year before I start planning. This is what I did this year.

Traveled to Costa Rica

two people in costa ricatwo people traveling in costa rica

I had a wonderful friend’s trip to Costa Rica where I learned all about that Pura Vida lifestyle. Doing yoga on the beach was amazing. And I ATVed in the jungle. I had a blast and would definitely visit Costa Rica again.

I lost 24 lbs

I had a great trainer who I never even met in person. She gave me a diet plan, a fitness regimen, and some lifestyle changes to make and I lost weight. But most importantly, she instilled in me the importance of not taking my own health for granted. That means drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and meal prepping. As an added bonus, I saved more money since I was not eating out all the time. I feel healthier and that’s what makes all the difference.

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Chris and I bought our First Rental Property

We were excited about buying our first rental property but knew we had our work cut out for us. We did a complete remodel of this home we purchased in a matter of only a couple of months and was able to rent it out shortly after. This was hard, but we enjoyed it! And the passive income we get from it each month is pretty nice too. We definitely plan on getting another one in 2020.

Celebrated 10 Years with my Christoph

two people on a date for their 10 year anniversary

Fun fact, Chris and I got married on the exact same day as our first date anniversary. So anytime we celebrate our wedding anniversary (which was two years in 2019) we are also celebrating our first date anniversary. And this year was a big one for us. We celebrated 10 years since our first date. We treated ourselves to a nice dinner to celebrate!

Launched a Blog Product: The Blogging Money Update

I am very proud of the product I launched this year for bloggers because I am told regularly how much the Blogging Money Update has helped them make money with their blogs. I took an idea for something I was already doing internally in my business and made it available to anyone else who wanted to make more. And sure enough, it has been just as useful to others as it is to me!

If you want to learn more about the blogging money update, you can check it out here.

Blogging Money Update - How To Plan For an Awesome New Year

Also, I am giving away a FREE 1-year subscription to the Blogging Money Update as well as free coaching with me for one month to one lucky person in my Blogging Money Giveaway.

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Experienced My First Cruise

I got to go on a cruise! Yippee! I spent this Christmas holiday on the sea with my family, and I couldn’t be happier about it. That is after I got my sea legs! I did have a day where all the rocking of the ship was getting to me, but I had way more fun than not. If you’ve never tried one, I think its good to give everything a try at least once. It was definitely the experience of a lifetime.

You’ve heard what I did this year, now how about you? Did you go anywhere special? Take a class you really wanted to take? Or did you get that job promotion you’ve been vying for all year? Whatever you did, take some time to reflect and write them all down! It will help with the next step.

Step 2: Brainstorm Your Goals

Now that you had some time to think about what you did last year, what are you going to do in 2020? Take some time here because these are the things you are going to ponder as you go about your year.

I am still figuring out my 2020 goals, but there are a few I want to do before December 31st, 2020.

1. Travel outside of the country at least once

2. Buy another rental property

3. Continue my weight loss journey

4. Make at least $20,000 a month with my blog

I know these are some pretty ambitious goals. But I can’t help but get hyped after the reflecting part. (See? Reflection pays off.) While you are brainstorming, make sure you have the right tools to hit your goals. One of my most important tools for success is the AT-A-GLANCE planner I get every inkWELL 2020 new year planner

This year I am using the inkWELL Press liveWELL Weekly-Monthly Large Planner and it is the PERFECT tool to plan and execute your goals for 2020.

Here is why:

  • Plan Ahead, Extras, and Notes tabs include pages for future plans, goals, gifts, travel, and leisure, plus 2-year reference calendars and graph paper
  • Special monthly pages include mission board, goal planning, habit tracker and notes pages
  • Shaded daily boxes to prioritize activities

at-a-glance inkWELL new year plannerat-a-glance inkWELL new year planner

And the best part?

Get your planner through M3 and you can use our special code to get 20% off PLUS Free shipping! Use the code: AF1EHBKN8 during checkout. Get your planner here.

Step 3: Prep Your Environment for Success

Your environment is so important when it comes to hitting those goals. This means making it easier to access healthier foods instead of junk foods if you are trying to lose weight. If you want to journal more often, make sure it is in a place you are more likely to see it. And most importantly, cut out anything that will deter you from your goals.

If you want to stop smoking, but all your friends smoke, it may be time to find new friends. If you want to save money but you are on 1,000 subscription plans, time to cut those loose! Your environment may affect you more than you realize. So make sure that is set up and ready to go before you try to execute!

Step 4: Set a Start Date

This one may seem like a given, but it really isn’t. I realize that many people believe that because its a new year you have to start executing your goal on January 1. But that could not be further from the truth. Get your act together first and set a date that is reasonable. Hitting your goal may not happen until February 1. Who knows!? But setting a date means you can actually achieve the goal you are working towards.

That’s it! Now go out and do it! I believe in you.


How To Plan For an Awesome New Year

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