Mindfulness for Millennials: How to be Present in a Tech-Based World

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It is so easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed in today’s “hustle harder” society. We are all constantly working and trying to get more, do more, or be more.


We live in a world that can sometimes feel ruled by technology. Our whole way of life practically depends on tech-based living.

As millennials, we have seen technology become more and more present in our lives. Growing up, we have been a part of this shift towards a more tech-based world. It seems familiar and normal for us to rely on technology to connect and interact with others.

However, technology can often leave use feeling drained and void of real human connection. We feel disconnected from being present in the moment.

As a millennial, something that has had a huge influence in my life is mindfulness. I have found ways to use this tool of mindfulness to truly be present in my life and relationships.

I want to give you a few tips to help you overcome this disconnected feeling that we can get sucked into by relying on our technology. By using these mindfulness techniques, you can be more present in your own life and show up in a way that is profound and has meaning.

Connect in Person

Even though so many of our social interactions these days are ruled by technology, it is so important to make connections in person.


It has been shown that in-person meetings are more powerful than digital connections. Relationships tend to take deeper roots when people meet face to face. Having this real contact with another person can help you to feel more present.

As humans, we naturally crave connection. So it is no wonder that people love social media, which gives us a quick fix of connection. But it’s a shallow connection. It doesn’t go deeper into the real bonds that we as humans want to create with others.

Meeting with people in-person will also help you to get out of your comfort zone. Many people get used to sitting behind a keyboard and interacting with others. They aren’t truly putting themselves in new or exciting situations.

Get out of your house and interact with real people rather than screens. The connection and value you will gain from this can be huge.

Set a Cut-Off Time

Make a conscious decision everyday to turn off your technology. Pick a time in the evening when you will no longer browse Instagram or scroll through Twitter. This can also mean turning off the TV and avoiding all electronics in general.


You need time to unwind at the end of your day. And all the time that we spend in front of screens can be taxing on our eyes and our brains.

Be mindful of the decision to do something good for yourself by shutting off your devices. Take this time to read, connect with others, or simply to prepare a meal with no distractions.

Having this cut-off time will help give you the sense of relaxation that your body is yearning for at the end of the day.

Be in Nature

Another great way to get present in such a technology-focused world is to just get away from it. Take a break and go out into nature.

Nature has actually been shown to have restorative effects. You can gain so much clarity and focus just by being in nature for even a short amount of time.

friendship tech-based

Taking a walk or just inhaling a deep breathe of fresh air can help you to feel more connected to the physical world around you.

As millennials, this can be hard to do. But consciously making a decision to be in nature more will help you feel more alive and connected.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

The benefits of meditation can be huge. As a culture, we have been taught to always work harder and harder, never really taking a break. Taking even just 5 minutes to meditate and be present in the quietness of our minds can give us so much more peace.

Taking this time to get centered and have more clarity, we can go into the rest of our days with more intention and mindfulness.


When we feel overwhelmed by technology, or just life in general, coming back to a quiet place can be very rejuvenating. We can quiet our busy minds and take a few moments just for ourselves.

It helps to breathe deeply in meditation. Even if you aren’t into the idea of meditation, just taking a few deep breathes can give you that clarity and inner peace.

When you are feeling frustrated by technology or waiting for a page to load on the Internet, take a few moments and just breathe deeply and be in the moment. This technique will help keep you be mindful throughout your day.

Turn Off Notifications

If you’re in the middle of chatting with a friend or working on a project and all of a sudden you hear a “ping” from your phone. Your natural instinct is to probably immediately check it.

Many people have become so accustomed to automatically looking at their phone every time a notification goes off. In doing this, we allow our technology to take control of our lives.

tech-based world

In reality, we can choose to not let those notifications distract us. We can turn them off altogether. You can decide which notifications get through to you and which ones don’t.

Even just turning off the sound will allow you to fully focus on your current project or situation, rather than jumping to your phone every time it goes off. If you want to really cut down on the distractions, turn off notifications altogether. That way you only see missed messages or calls when you actually open your phone and look at it.

Reducing or eliminating these notifications will help you to become more aware in the current moment. Try turning off those notifications and see what it can do for you.

Focus on Enjoying Everything

Mindfulness is all about just being in the current instant and fully enjoying everything that is happening right now. Even when dealing with so much technology, we can find the time to just enjoy the little things.

Be grateful for the technology that you have in your life. Acknowledge the fact that it allows you to do great work and connect with other people, even halfway around the world.

But don’t let technology get in the way of you being conscious everyday. Use it as the tool that it is but give yourself permission to enjoy life from moment to moment, without the distractions of technology.

Try putting some of these techniques into place in your life. See if you can become a more mindful and aware person, even in a tech-based world.



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