Millennial’s Guide to Health, Fitness, and Beauty for Life

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Are you fast approaching your thirties? Or have you already begun this fascinating decade of your life? Then now is the time to consider the power we have over our bodies. We’ve never before had so much control over our looks, health and fitness. It’s an exciting time in life too. The things we do today could have an impact on our bodies in the future, and for the rest of our lives. So if you’re ready to invest in the power of your body, here is the millennial’s guide to healthy, fitness and beauty:


Let’s start at the top. Right now, your hair may be thick, full, strong, shiny and beautiful. Perhaps you’ve recently had it styled or trimmed. You may use several different products in your hair to keep it under controlled and looking healthy. But looking healthy isn’t the same as being healthy. There is far more you can do now to ensure your hair stays looking good forever.

Overstyling can damage hair. And it’s not just the split ends that you can snip away you should be careful about. The roots can be weakened, and your hair will then shed. We naturally lose at least one hundred hairs a day. Excess products and styling can harm the roots, rendering it too weak to support the hair.

millennial's guide hair
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While most of us wash and style the hair daily, this can be putting undue stress on the scalp. After, this is skin, and it can become sensitive and sore. Make sure you are using the best shampoo for your skin type as well as your hair type.

Be thorough when rinsing so there is no residue. As you enter your thirties, forties and fifties, the hair will thin and gray. This means you need to change the shampoos and conditioners you are using to suit your new hair type.

One of the best ways to ensure your hair stays gorgeous is to eat well. Lots of fresh produce will ensure your diet is full of the vitamins and minerals hair needs to grow strong.


Your face is one of the most important parts of the body. It communicates our intentions and feelings. And we want it to look good. In our thirties, those tell-tale fine lines start to show up.

But if you are neglecting your health, diet and fitness, even more signs of aging can appear. Puffy eyes, dark circles, blemishes and dryness, can all be signs of aging. But at our age, they can be eradicated with a few simple lifestyle changes.


Exercise is the best way to remove puffiness. It can also help us slim down so our features appear more defined. Sweating pushes all the toxins from our body out. Replace it with fresh water to help your body to detox even more. This can reduce the dark circles that make you look tired. And it can help you sleep better and feel more energetic and vibrant too.

millennial's guide skin
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Blemishes and dryness can be a sign of hormonal problems. But if they don’t go, then you may have some nutritional deficiencies. Ensure your diet is packed full of healthy options, and avoid those processed foods as much as possible.

Nowadays there are hundreds of different cosmetic treatments available to people our age. Botox administered by a facial surgeon is a very popular way to prevent wrinkles appearing. It can be used more than once so can be helpful as you get older too. Chemical peels, face masks, and an effective cleansing routine can also all help keep your skin looking young and fresh. Pick products that are right for the age you are, and you should be able to keep the skin in excellent condition for life.


Our bodies can be so strong, fast, and energetic. But a lot of us are already feeling tired, heavy, and out of shape. There is no reason we can’t be as athletic as we were in our teens. And if we stick to exercises and diets that we can maintain, we can enjoy our bodies for the rest of our lives.

None of us want to feel old, yet plenty of us are already experiencing the odd ache and pain from time to time. Now is a really good time in life to set up an exercise plan for life. Think about what a seventy-year-old can do. Walking, Yoga, swimming, and cross training are all things we should be able to do for the next forty or fifty years. So start now, knowing you can keep it going for life.

millennial's guide exercise
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Gentle stretches every day can be the most effective way to keep your body in great shape. It warms the body up and improves the circulation. It moves each part of the body, keeping it supple and strong. And it maintains a full range of motion and core strength that you will need to be comfortable in your body for the rest of your life.

Remember what you eat and drink affects the body dramatically too. Stick to healthy diets that are easy to maintain for life. Enjoy treats and alcohol only occasionally and in moderation. Keep stress levels to a minimum. Try breathing techniques, meditations and massage to ensure your heart and mind are just as healthy as the rest of your body.


A good career offers a salary that can make our lives more comfortable. We can afford to eat the foods that are good for us, and participate in the activities that keep our bodies and minds healthy. Financial security is important for everyone. It can ensure we always have a roof over our heads. But a good career also offers us far more than that.

millennial's guide career
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Continued education and professional development improve us. Humans have a need to better themselves which may be why so many people in the past have been determined to have high-flying careers. But even if you’re not interested in reaching the top, being good at what you do can provide happiness and satisfaction in your life. Seek to self-improve as often as you can.


The lifestyle you choose should be one that fulfils you as a person. You might choose remote working so you can travel. Maybe you have interests or hobbies you enjoy. It’s important to feel that your life is shaped by your needs and preferences. Nobody likes to be trapped in a job or life that prevents them from enjoying the things they love the most. Of course, happiness is the key to motivating other areas of your life. This can include you maintaining your good health.


Traveling and seeing more of the world is something many of us aspire to. Making the time for you to experience life from another perspective is important. There are plenty of wonderful and incredible things to see on this planet. To feel fulfilled in life, many people write a bucket list of the things they wish to see. If you don’t have one yet, it’s never too early or too late to start. It can be good for your health to feel like you are doing things for you that you want to do as well.

millennial's guide travel
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Perhaps you have online friends on the other side of the world you would like to meet? Or maybe you have an interest in a particular culture and would like to spend more time with them? There are lots of reasons why you might get on that plane. Experiencing new things makes us a more rounded person. Feel like you’ve lived a full life, by seeking out the things that inspire you.


All relationships are important in our lives. Colleagues, friends, parents, siblings, and lovers all offer us the chance to interact with other people. And while we may act a little differently to each of them, one thing remains the same. The enormous benefits of social interaction are essential to good health. Having a conversation with someone else in the same room as you stimulates many different parts of your brain. This can be helpful in the future to ensure your good mental health. And good social skills can help your life become more fulfilling too.

millennial's guide relationships
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It is easy to be lonely, even in a crowded room. But with the right social skills and a little confidence, you can create new friendships in almost any situation. It is important to be picky, though. Some relationships can become an obstacle to your happiness and self-growth. They can even make you ill and depressed. Seek relationships that support the lifestyle you desire and enhance it.


We don’t get to live very long really. Right now we’ve enjoyed all that youth has to offer, and we’re facing those years of wisdom ahead of us. It’s so important to take care of our bodies. They are our vessels on this long journey. It’s important not to damage them or wear them out! Now is a fantastic time to address our health, fitness and beauty problems we may have. And preventing them can be easier at this time in our lives, than in ten years time. Take care of you.

Millennial's Guide to Health, Fitness, and Beauty for Life

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