What Do Millennial Women Want to See in Home Decor?

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Not limited by their tight budgets, millennial women always find a way to express their refined tastes and give their living spaces a unique character. Whether it’s their own apartment or a rental, millennial homes always have a distinct, stylish atmosphere that suits their personalities. If you’re ready to give your living space a personal, trendy and feminine touch, you should take a sneak peek at the world of millennial design.

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Less is more

Millennial women know that you can do wonders with little. They don’t clutter their homes with unnecessary items, but choose functionality over excessiveness. By staying moderate, you can create a balanced look in your home that will enable you to emphasize its most mesmerizing features.

Many millennial women who are making it on their own can’t afford huge, three-bedroom and two-bathroom apartments. Moderation in home décor is what helps them create an illusion of spaciousness, while adding depth and character to their spaces. Thus, when furnishing your first apartment, remember that you don’t have to exaggerate to design a stylish home. The secret is in little things.

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The best of many

When it comes to specific styles, millennial women don’t limit themselves to a single one. They combine a variety of styles, using their best feature. By mixing old and new, and expensive and cheap, they create their own, authentic styles, making their living spaces truly theirs. Tight budgets aren’t nothing more than an opportunity for improvisation and creativity. So, don’t be discouraged by the lack of funds because there’s plenty of inexpensive ways to decorate your first apartment.

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The colors of millennials

Don’t be misled into thinking that millennial women are too young to know décor. On the contrary, millennials have developed stylish and classy tastes that give their living spaces a timeless value. If you thought that you would see mismatched and eccentric colors in millennial homes, you’d be wrong.

Millennial women have recognized the effortless beauty of neutral palettes – grays, whites, beiges and other neutral hues. However, don’t you dare think that the homes of millennial women are boring. They will surprise you with unexpected pops of bolder hues, creating unique contrasts in their homes.

Stylish accent walls for the wow effect

Millennial women are all about character and uniqueness, so they see interior design as an opportunity for self-expression. Thus, you may often see the most surprising and enticing accent walls in their homes. Whether it’s intricately designed wallpapers, interesting texture, stylish stripes or motivational quotes, millennial women know how to decorate their walls and achieve that wow effect. This is a great opportunity to express your creativity, personality and femininity, so wait no longer and start decorating that wide white canvas in your home.

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Home décor as personal statement

So far, it has become quite obvious that millennial women use interior design for self-expression, so every millennial home has a unique atmosphere. Personalization is an essential element of millennial home décor, so don’t hesitate to express your personality. Even the most unexpected areas have a unique vibe – decals on doors, displays of personal collections, their own works of art. By adding a personal touch to your space, you’ll break the monotony and create an ambience that resembles your personality.

Secret storage to the rescue

Millennial women know how to handle small spaces – the secret lies in storage. With plenty of storage solutions, you can easily make your home more spacious and open while adding multifunctional pieces. Millennials are space-savvy and can make the most of their tight rooms. Stylish coffee tables with drawers and comfortable ottomans with hidden compartment can often be found in millennial homes. Not only will you have plenty of space for all those small items, but you’ll also complete your décor with furniture that is both functional and stylish.

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The artistic side of millennials

Millennials do recognize the beauty of elevating art, which is why they welcome it with open arms into their homes. Art is yet another opportunity for self-expression that millennial women use efficiently in their homes. The way they use artwork in their living spaces in an example of their design skills. They choose pieces that reflect their own personalities, but that also work well with the general style of their homes. By matching colors, patterns and styles, millennial women use artwork to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Cosiness for relaxation

The homes of millennial women are their personal sanctuaries for relaxation, so they always exude cosiness, warmth and calmness. By adding a stylish flatweave runner rug, soft blankets and comfortable cushions, you’ll add depth to your room and create a warm and inviting look. Millennial homes become their havens, oases of relaxation, tranquillity and serenity where they can unwind and spend time with their friends.

Millennial women have well-developed tastes, unique styles and extraordinary sense for design. They can do a lot with little, transform small into big and add a personal touch to their homes.

Not limited by budget, millennial women find a way to express their refined tastes and give their living spaces a unique character through home decor.

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