Metamorphosis of Yoga

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met·a·mor·pho·sis, a Noun:

(in an insect or amphibian) The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.
A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

Metamorphosis is synonymous with changeover, conversion, transfiguration, transformation.

It also means: a change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means and: a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances.

Yoga changes you from the inside out. Beginning with the seven subtle bodies:

1. The etheric body, closest to the physical body. 2. The emotional body, associated with feelings. 3. The mental body, which holds our thoughts and mental processes. 4. The astral body, our bridge to the spiritual plane. 5. The etheric temple body, the template before the physical body was formed.
6. The celestial body, the emotional level of the spiritual plane and 7. The causal body, mental level of the spiritual plane.

Working on these subtle bodies through the bending and twisting and breathing, we are literally breathing new life into our cells and giving fresh blood to our organs with every pose we come into and go out of.

Yoga is union. The union of mind with body and heart and soul or spirit. Union is totality, the acceptance of ourselves as that of all people’s diversity in culture, race, sexuality and religion. We learn in yoga to accept ourselves completely, that we have worth, that we are fully completely whole and perfect just as we are today. We understand that everything is as it should be. As Rumi says, “there are a thousand ways to bend down and kiss the earth.”

Yoga teaches us to be happy with who we are, that we have so much to give others; that there are so many people in such great need, needs that have nothing to do with material goods.

In yoga we find peace as we learn to sit in silence even for just a few minutes. Each yoga class teaches us to grow bit by bit more into who we are as we learn more about the person we are, the standards we wish to embody, and what matters most. We realize how much more there is inside of us to give to each other as well as to ourselves.
There really is an ocean inside of us, an unlimited amount of love and service and thoughtful providing. And the reservoir is deep. We yearn to drink from this source as we know all things are connected. There are many ways of doing and saying the same thing. We each adhere to the morals, values, and codes of living that we aspire to because of what they mean to us personally.

Yoga opens our eyes to the world. Awareness increases. Perception grows, inner knowledge, and sensations are heightened. One really is enlightened to what matters most in this life. Priorities shift. Nature becomes more intense. You can see the world in one person’s eyes. Each part of nature becomes important. You let the flies out, you scoop up the bugs and set them back into their natural habitat, for they are you and you are them. The soul becomes clear.

Yoga frees us to look out at the world with an unlimited viewpoint. Now the world holds possibility.

The practice of yoga changes you in the way you walk to the way you eat to the way you look strangers in the eyes. You begin to listen with your heart, and not your head.

Yoga fortifies. Yoga strengthens one’s resolve and promotes an inner strength to do what you need to do in this one life we each are given. Yoga reminds us of our responsibility to ourselves to do what we are meant to do and to go about it fearlessly. Opening the body opens the mind and thus the spirit. You can do great work on the outside, toning and strengthening the physical body and on the inside calming the fires that fuel your impulses, your anxiety, your propensity toward sadness.

Yoga lifts you up to balance you out, it may bring you to something, but it helps you unwind as well. If you have fear, you work through that in a pose that is difficult, and once mastering that you are better able to master the inner fear, to chip away at it and to break through it until it no longer exists as fear and is turned into courage. Great inner subtle work is done through yoga, the ego becomes aligned, the jagged edges of a person become smooth and quieted.

The calm is there underneath just waiting to be unearthed. Yoga does this.

We need to remain open enough to accept the repair, humble enough to recognize the need, and intelligent enough to keep at it until it becomes our way of life. A life we hope to embrace with big open hearts!

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