Meet Miss Lady Lennia: Selena Strickling

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Hey everyone! My name is Selena Strickling. I am the Lady Lennia for the Back to School Edition. I am excited to let you know about my personal experience in starting law school this month. I will be a 1L (first year student) at University of Toledo College of Law.

I am a little nervous, but extremely thrilled. I never went through a huge struggle trying to find out what I wanted to do with my life because I have known since the 8th grade (Before that I wanted to be a dentist, but then I learned you have to touch gross teeth too! Yuck!).

This month I will share my motivations and experiences with you all the way from taking the LSAT, to choosing a school, to the first few weeks of school. I hope you gain a sense of what the process of applying to a law school is like, as well as how to prepare for and somehow make it through those first few weeks at least!

Meet Miss Lady Lennia: Selena Strickling

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