How To Make Your Home Allergy-Free (Even With Pets)

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How to Make Your Home Allergy-Free (Even With Pets)

My husband and I live in a house with two cats, so we know how much and how quickly pet fur can accumulate. Unfortunately, I am also one of those who always have a tissue on hand due to my year-round bout with allergies. With this combo, I know how to make your home allergy-free, even when you have furry friends.

We are so mindful of making our home comfortable for guests and ourselves. Yes, even guests who may be allergic to cats!

We have had many guests come and say they did not even know we had a cat in the house, let alone two, due to the lack of cat fur and other allergens. I attribute this to good old fashion dusting around the house and keeping even the dirt that is out of sight at bay.

I’m sharing my tips to make your home allergy-free, even if you are a pet owner.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Before you start your allergy-free routine

My favorite time to dust is on a warmer day when I can open the windows and let some of the dust you kick up go right out the window. However, if this is not an option for you, just be prepared to have some allergens in the air during the day while you are getting your cleaning done. You also want to be sure you have the right tools for the job. When I work to make my house allergy-free, I use the following:

if you want your home to be Allergy-Free (Even With Pets) you need the right tools

Another thing to remember is that dust falls from the top to the bottom, and to prevent yourself from doing double work, you want to dust in this exact order, from top to bottom. I have put the items in the order they should be brushed to prevent having to clean specific areas more than once.

Lamps, Fans, and Light Fixtures

These items are usually the highest, so do them first. Then, wipe them all down with warm, soapy water and paper towels.

I LOVE Viva® paper towels since they are more like a washcloth than a paper towel and can be used longer than an ordinary paper towel. The best part about them is that since they are so soft, they seem to pick up more dust than a paper towel.

Since many light fixtures are often out of eye view, they collect more dust than almost anything in the house. Therefore, be wary of where the dust goes after you clean the fixtures so you may also adequately clean the items below the institutions.

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For example, we have a ceiling fan above our bed. My husband recently washed it but made sure to remove our comfortable before, and promptly removed our sheets and cleaned them once he finished dusting.

Wash the curtains

When it comes to dusting, it seems that everyone forgets about the curtains, which can also collect dust. We take all of our curtains down every few months and wash them. But, when you look close enough, you will not believe some of the dust, fur, and other stuff that collects on curtains.

Dust tabletops

I use dusting spray and Viva® paper towels for this task.

To start, I spray down the tabletops with a liquid duster and wipe them with my paper towel. If you dust kitchen counters, I highly recommend cleaning up any food debris before brushing.

Tabletops that usually need more dusting are the ones in high-traffic areas. For example, think of a foyer table or side table in a hallway. Since there is so much traffic in those areas, we are constantly kicking up dust. For example, I dusted our foyer table two weeks ago, yet an incredible amount of dust still came up for me.

Wash the blinds

Be prepared because this one takes a while. Don’t even waste your time with the dusting spray because chances are you’ll miss something.

To dust the blinds, I use a bucket of warm soapy water and paper towels. Then, I wash every panel one at a time, making sure to clean both the top and the bottom.

I know this part is a pain in the ass. But, unfortunately, there is no way around it. But when your home is allergy-free, it will be worth it!

Vacuum the upholstered furniture.

As I mentioned earlier, upholstered furniture gets the worse rap because it is often neglected in dusting.

First, take all the pillows off of our couch, and we vacuum each pad individually. We clean all sides, even the bottom, since fur can get between the cushions.

We also have a leather recliner, and I make sure to take the bucket of warm soapy water and wipe it down with a Viva® paper towel. I can usually clean our entire recliner with only one or two babies.

Wash the baseboards

Please do me a favor and look at your home’s baseboards.

Just get a close look at them. If it’s pretty gross, never fear. I guarantee that many homes are collecting gunk in this little-hidden area.

These things collect everything from dust to fur to hair. It’s almost as if it is their sole duty. So take a fresh bucket of warm soapy water and wipe them down. I promise this will take a little time, but not as much as the blinds.

Sweep or Vacuum the floor.

Once you are done with all the other dusting, the last part is vacuuming the floor. I highly recommend you move the furniture so you can clean under it. If your pets are like mine and love to hide under the bed and couch, you should vacuum those areas.

Word of warning: You will see a substantial amount of dust in your vacuum. People with carpets collect way more dust in their homes than those without. So be sure to vacuum at least once a week!

If you have a hard-surfaced floor, get ready to sweep. Start on one side of the room and make your way to the other, making sure to cover the entire floor area.

Change your air filter.

Lastly, for preserved maintenance, change your air filter once a month. If you have pets, this is especially true. Changing your air filter every month is one of the best ways to keep allergies at bay throughout the year.

I know this is a hefty dusting list, but it is usually what we do about once a quarter. Then, of course, we vacuum weekly and do light dusting, but the heavy-duty stuff happens once a quarter. I hope this helps keep your home allergy-free.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

How to Make Your Home Allergy-Free (Even With Pets)

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