5 Reasons Why You Need To Learn A New Skill

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Learn A New Skill

The older we get, the harder it is to learn a new skill. But learning how to do new things can bring you a happier, well-rounded personal life and a more successful career!

Whether you want to keep up with current technology, pick up a second language, or need something new to do with your free time, developing your skills is essential. Lifelong learning makes you a better person all around.

Did you know that learning new things doesn’t have to cost much money or time? No need to go back to school for years and shell out thousands of dollars. In this post, I’ll share how you can take up a new hobby no matter how many hours or dollars you have to spare.

Let’s Get Started!

There are tons of ways you can learn a new skill. Hit the books (or the internet) at your local library, enroll in a class, or ask a mentor for help. But if you love to learn in the comfort of your home, you should try online courses.

Online classes provide a flexible learning experience. You can learn at your own pace, so there’s no fear of falling behind and embarrassing yourself. They also let you know whenever and wherever you want. And it doesn’t take a burdensome amount of time. You can spend as little as 30 minutes a day.

That means if you want to brush up on your Spanish in your PJs, have at it! Want to learn how to fix your car while on the treadmill? You got it! This is skill acquisition in the digital age.

One great source for online classes on literally any topic you can imagine is Udemy. This website has courses on everything you could ever want and more!

Learn anything, thousands of top courses to choose from on Udemy

I have linked many excellent courses in bold throughout the article below, so be sure to check them out! Udemy has easy-to-navigate menus, but you might also want to browse. You might find a new passion that you didn’t even think of!

Find your ideal online course on Udemy today!

Now that you have a fantastic resource to start your learning immediately, here are my top five reasons to learn a new skill!

1. It Looks Great On Your Resume

Listen up, ladies.

A broad range of skills, especially technological ones, is critical to a successful career in the 21st century. With so much constant change, you need to keep up! A basic knowledge of the programs commonly used in your field of work before you even apply for jobs will give you a leg up on the competition.

Research the skills you need to learn for your dream job by scrolling through many job postings. Already know all the standard “must-haves?” Put yourself ahead of the pack by learning the things on the “nice to have” lists.

If you already have a job you love, don’t think you can sit idle and never learn anything new. Keeping up with new programs and software often leads to promotions and a bigger paycheck. Take the initiative to learn independently, and your boss will notice.

Some employers may pay for you to attend a course or even get a graduate degree to ensure you have all the skills you need to advance. Schedule a meeting with your boss to determine the steps you can take to move up! Even if they don’t offer you funding options, they will surely appreciate you taking the initiative.

Top online courses in career development on Udemy

2. Make New Friends

A fun side effect of learning a new skill is making new friends. There is something about sharing a passion that makes it easier to bond with people. If you’re taking a class, chat up your neighbor. Chances are they’re a newbie too and will appreciate getting to know you.

Are you learning at homeshow?id=L90gi8oaHjE&bids=323085? You can still find new pals!

Find meetups and other events in your area put on by like-minded people. Examples include creative writing workshops, Instagram meetups for novice photographers, craft fairs, for artisans, and jam sessions.

Don’t be intimidated by attending events like this. Everyone starts somewhere, and people are usually more friendly than you think. Plus, you could find your new BFF!

Getting involved with the community surrounding your new skill or hobby is a great way to learn and grow. You may even teach others something by bringing your unique perspective to the table. Inspiring and supporting each other’s ventures will help you form long-term friendships.

Even if your new hobby doesn’t become a significant part of your life, the friendships might. As a kid, I played softball despite being horrible at it. I bonded with another girl on the team who wasn’t very good, and we are still friends today!

3. Pursue a Childhood Dream

Sometimes, following our dreams as kids wasn’t in the cards.

Maybe you wanted to learn to surf but lived in a land-locked state. Or you wanted to ride horses, but there were no stables nearby. Or you begged to play guitar, but buying an instrument wasn’t in your family’s budget.

Whatever the reason, you can start pursuing your childhood dream right now. Even if it turns out not to be all the six-year-old you thought it would be, at least you won’t have to wonder anymore. And with the convenience of shopping online for a Paul Reed Smith, finding your perfect instrument to embark on your journey is easier than ever.

That’s not all.

Though most kids couldn’t even imagine the jobs they end up with as adults, using your childhood passion as a volunteering opportunity can help you and others.

Do you want to be a vet? Spend some of your free time helping out at your local animal shelter. Have you dreamed of becoming a teacher? Check out tutoring opportunities in your area. You’ll learn a new skill and help others at the same time. Plus, volunteering is a major resume booster!

top online courses in personal development on Udemy

4. Find a New Passion

Young adulthood is sometimes accompanied by being stuck in a rut. You’ve moved on past your teenage and college-age personalities but don’t yet feel like a “real” adult. It’s natural to feel like an imposter of yourself, especially when hanging out with old friends.

You need to add something new and exciting to shake up your routine!

Learning something new now and again is essential for personal growth and will boost your self-esteem! Part of the “stuck” feeling is thinking you can only do the things you already know how to do, but it’s just not true!

Taking on a skill or hobby you’ve never tried and crushing it is the perfect way to prove to yourself and others that you’re an ever-changing, complex, and fantastic person!

I have two examples of this that I’m so proud of. First, I used to know nothing about cooking. I helped my mom bake when I was a kid but was clueless about real food. I forced myself to learn about different techniques and ingredients…and it feels fantastic! And the yummy outcomes aren’t bad, either.

I also used to be horrible at anything physical. I played a few sports as a kid but was usually one of the worst players on the team. Now, while I’m no athlete, I have learned how to work out and have more control over my body. It feels fantastic to prove my negative thoughts wrong!

Learning a new skill (or a few) can open the door to a passion you never knew you had. Maybe you’re like me and were never the athletic girl. But you could try a new exercise class and fall in love! Or perhaps technology hates you, but you’re a whiz at coding.

You never know until you try! Be fearless and learn as much as possible to open as many doors to happiness and success as possible.

5. Grow Your Independence

A big part of adulting is learning to live on your own.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ever call your family for help in an emergency (like if your dishwasher is overflowing bubbles), but you should try to figure things out independently. It feels fantastic when you conquer a grown-up problem all by yourself!

If you want to learn a new skill but don’t know where to start, try one that can help you live a more independent life. Learning cooking, gardening, organization, budgeting, and first aid skills will give you peace of mind at home and make your life less hectic. Knowing how to put together a good meal or not run out of money every month is a huge step towards feeling like you have your life together!

Why does this matter?

Not only will learning these types of skills make life easier, but it can also boost others’ opinions of you. Knowing basic life skills makes you appear more put-together as a potential employee, partner, roommate, or friend. Nobody wants to associate with a 30-year-old who can’t balance their checkbook or organize their house!

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How do I choose what new skill to learn?

You might feel overwhelmed in a world with so many different things to try. That’s a good thing! You will need to answer a few questions to choose the ideal side project for yourself.

First, look at the five reasons I listed above to learn a new skill. Which of these is your number one reason for trying something new? Pad your resume will lead you to an entirely different list of options than focusing on meeting friends.

You should also take your finances into account. Some hobbies and skills will take more money to pursue. For example, sports equipment and musical instruments often come with hefty price tags. So, cooking or coding might be a better fit if you’re on a budget.

Finally, consider how much time you must dedicate to your new venture. Becoming an expert in anything new will take time, but some hobbies require more practice. If you want to learn how to exercise effectively or gain first aid skills, these can be mastered with just a few hours of studying. However, learning a language or how to train your pet will take a lot more time.

Need some more help deciding on which hobby to try? Check out the video below for tips on finding your perfect passion project.

YouTube video

No matter what you choose, don’t forget to check out Udemy for courses that can help you achieve your goals!

Learning a new skill in adulthood can initially seem daunting, but it has significant benefits. A stand-out resume, new besties, high self-esteem, and independence are some things that can come out of perfecting something new.

Trying new things as an adult can feel scary or overwhelming. But don’t be afraid! Hit up a class, enroll in an online course, or grab some books and prepare to learn a new skill. You have nothing to lose! Learning something new can make you more confident, well-rounded, and engaging.

What are your top reasons to learn a new skill? Have you recently dipped your toes into any recent hobbies? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Whether you want to advance your career, make new friends, or just fill up your free time, it's never too late to learn a new skill!

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