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Lady Lennia Courtney on the Importance of Family; the “Nana” blog!

The holiday really made the week go by quickly; before you know it, it’ll be the weekend. Yay! I don’t have much going on besides preparing for my kids to leave for the summer. This will be the first time my kids will be going to their Nana Valerie (my mom). They love Nana Valerie as she always bends the rules for them. Nana Jackie not so much. She is very stern but knows how to have fun; she gave them a popsicle bigger than my arm about a month ago.

Nana Lori is my youngest daughter Jasmine’s twin. In honor of Nana Lori, Jasmine’s dad decided to give her their family middle name, Ann. May Nana Ree (Cynthia Newbill) rest in peace. She was my godmother; this great woman and her family graciously treated me and my kids no differently than her own flesh and blood.  She would let the kids run around and play until they passed out. Going to Nana Ree’s was the equivalent of going to Chuck E. Cheese, so my girls understood she was needed in heaven to spread more joy.

And of course we have my boyfriend Cory’s mother, Mrs. Elaine. She spoils them, and just loves to be around them. She has two dogs and we don’t have any pets, so they love going to play with the dogs also. My mom seems excited about my girls coming, while I’m just super nervous. Between Jasmine having asthma and my oldest, Syleena, wanting me to go, I’m a nervous wreck. I know I am going to cry a lot so I have decided to keep busy. With collective bargaining sites such as, and, I am going to get a lot of inexpensive mini-vacations and excursions. So when my kids come back I’ll have endless stories to tell.

Before they leave I plan to throw a little get-together and, of course, celebrate Father’s Day with my dad, Pop, and Mr. Mike. They adore my girls. My kids have my dad wrapped around their finger. I just have to laugh at how much he spoils them. He calls every day to make sure we are okay and to check to see if we need anything. From buying them every new movie that comes out, to giving them both piggybacks at the same time, he just spoils them. I keep telling him all three of them are going to be on the floor one day from the piggybacks. Pop, Nana Jackie’s husband, and the girls’ grandpa, stands over six feet tall. Needless to say, the girls behave with him. He doesn’t have to say a word, just looks and they stop. Pop is a great carpenter, he made the girls wooden rings a few months ago and my kids refused to take them off. Mr. Mike, Cory’s dad, will turn the TV to cartoons, no matter what we are watching, for the girls. I always have to peek in at them and giggle that he will sit and watch it with them like it’s Monday night football.

Even in my adult years they all have given and still give me so much wisdom. I was the only girl for my parents and everyone else also has only one daughter as well. I gave them all the gift of two more girls. I thank God everyday for my family no matter where, rather in WV, CA, OH, AL, LA, MS, TX, or VA. I am truly appreciative to all the advice, prayers, and even meltdowns. It all made me the Lady Lennia I am today. -Ms.C (Missy)

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