5 Best Jobs That You Can Do On The Road

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Imagine being able to earn an income while you travel. No office, no desk job, no 9 to 5 – just money in your pocket for whatever hours you work. Are you the kind of person who wants to travel and at the same time earn a living? Here is our list of the top five jobs that you can do on the road.

Let’s face it. Most of the jobs available nowadays are tedious and require sitting in front of a computer all day long. Even if you love your work, this kind of job is likely to take its toll at some point. You want to escape but can’t afford to quit working yet.

Today, thanks to the freedom of technology, there are some great jobs that you can do while traveling. There are many ways to go about working on the road. It sounds impossible to work remotely. And until recently, it was.

But now, there are a host of remote working opportunities that allow you to get out on the road and make money at the same time. It’s almost miraculous.

So what options are available?

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is somebody who acts on behalf of another person – usually a business executive – taking calls and arranging meetings. It is a lucrative job that can pay well if you get a name for getting things done.

It particularly suits people who are proactive in their approach to work and don’t mind talking to people over the phone. By offering your services to your clients, you help them avoid any of the busy work that could slow them down.

Over time, you’ll become invaluable to them (and you can use that fact to increase your rates). 

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer is another career you can do anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection. Work will largely involve the use of tools such as Canva.

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You’ll create graphics for companies to post on social media and sites like Pinterest. And you’ll also work on photo editing projects to make sure that everything looks just right. 

Graphic design is a skill that you can also learn and upgrade on the road. If you’re new, you might get a few gigs with agencies. However, as you grow in skills and talent, you could find yourself attracting companies independently, upping your daily pay. 

Blogger Or Copywriter

Demand for writing services is going through the roof, particularly since the advent of the global pandemic. Companies are shifting their businesses online en masse and they need writers who can communicate their messages effectively. 

To become a copywriter, you don’t need any qualifications. You just need to be able to talk to audiences on their level. It’s not about using long words. It’s more like putting down a conversation in the form of words on the screen.

Often, you are better off thinking of it as “copytalking” than copywriting. Again, so long as you have an internet connection, it is something that you can easily do on the road. 


If you’ve been in business for a long time and are now looking to travel more, you may not actually need to leave your old role – at least not entirely. Instead, you can simply farm out your services as a consultant, offering advice over the telephone. This strategy is particularly effective if you are one of only a handful of people who understand how specific systems work. Daily rates tend to be extremely high, particularly in finance, education, or pharmaceutical sectors. 

Virtual Teacher

Lastly, you might consider becoming a virtual teacher – an increasingly popular option these days. Here you give lessons to individuals or groups of students on whatever subjects you have expertise in. Rates can be high. 

There are many reasons why people travel, but one of the best is the opportunity for a job. While you may go from one place to another doing freelance work or working at a job center, there are always opportunities for jobs. This is especially true if you are doing something where you need to get your family at least part of the way to where you are going. So if you plan on doing some job hunting or outsourcing some work, this list should help you out.

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