How Being Accredited Will Help Your IT Career

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How Being Accredited Will Help Your IT CareerNo matter what your career path is, you need to constantly be growing and developing to make the most of it. None of us have all the skills, talents, and competencies we need right out of school! And there’s only so much you can learn on the job. If you want to help your IT career thrive, you should consider being accredited by a reputable certification program.

Option: Microsoft’s Accreditation Programs

In 2019, Microsoft unveiled its certification program and launched role-based badges. The programs mold you as a top specialist capable of performing specific job roles. Such roles include certified Administrators, Exam Collection, Developers, and Solutions Architects, among others.

Depending on your area of interest, Microsoft has you covered with a relevant credential. For example, if you are a developer interested in the Microsoft Azure platform, then you should consider investing in earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate accreditation.

Azure Developer Association Accreditation

This credential validates your knowledge of the Microsoft Azure program, including:

  • Creating a design
  • Implementing your design
  • Maintaining apps & services on the cloud
  • Proficiency in Azure programming languages
  • App authentication
  • Debugging
  • Performance monitoring and tuning

To show that your skills have been validated, you have to sit for and pass the Microsoft AZ-204 assessment which mainly focuses on concepts related to the ExamSnap Avanset Free VCE Player.

It should be noted that this exam was previously known as AZ-203 until August 2020, when changes were made to the test to stay current with the latest trends in tech. Therefore, you should be cautious to use the most current assessment curriculum in your exam prep process.

Major concepts tested in the new AZ-204 accreditation are:

  • Development of Azure computing solutions
  • Azure security implementation
  • Optimization and troubleshooting Azure services and apps
  • AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Dumps 
  • Connection of Azure services to third-party systems

Assessment AZ-204 Prep Tools

With such an extensive test syllabus, efficient exam prep is necessary to ensure that all AZ-204 topics are covered adequately. Below are some helpful tools that can aid you in your preparation process:

Microsoft official training

This can either be free, self-paced online sessions or instructor-led courses that you pay for. These classes are prepared by experts and equip you with a deep understanding of how to develop end-to-end solutions in the Azure environment. 

Practice Tests

ExamSnap DP-200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution Exam Dumps is a practice test available online. Such materials will prepare you to master the Microsoft AZ-204 domains and will get you to know its structure, the number of questions, and the time limit. What’s more, the content of practice tests is updated regularly, so you’ll always be on top of what’s new.

Prep Books

You can also study for the AZ-204 exam using books. Buy a study book online and get to work!


In summary, attaining the Azure Developer Associate badge is a big help in your IT career. It is also crucial in motivating you to go for higher-level certifications. So, register for your test, use the above-mentioned prep methods, ace it, and enjoy the perks that this Microsoft credential brings you.

How Being Accredited Will Help Your IT Career

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