How Can Adding Decking In Your Garden Increase Property Value?

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How Can Adding Decking In Your Garden Increase Property Value?

Whether you’re already looking to sell your house and move on, or you’re simply considering the curb appeal of your home, increasing the value of your property is probably at the forefront of your mind.

Anything from an updated kitchen and bathroom, changing your front door, to a spruced-up garden can boost your home value by thousands of dollars, but can decking have the same effect?

Whether you’ve been considering commercial composite decking or a real-wood alternative, here’s what you need to know.

The Answer Is… 

You might’ve caught on already, but the answer is…  yes! Around 62% of all estate agents believe that installing a decked area into your garden not only increases the home value but can also make for an easier sell when it finally goes to market, too.

It can often have a similar effect as adding a conservatory or an extension but costs a fraction of the price and can be integrated with additional features such as patio heaters and retractable cover for when the weather is on the wetter side.

Any patio area can create the illusion of additional living space for the property and act as the perfect space for entertaining guests or relaxing when the weather is nice. With good lighting and an installed heater for those cooler nights, the composite decking will become a year-round solution for al fresco dining and making the most of long summer evenings.

The Effect Of A Good Garden

garden decking for to increase property value

Decking isn’t the only feature of your garden that can add value to your home – In fact, a garden adds roughly 20% of the original value to your property, which can be up to or above £/$60,000 in the current property market. A simple to manage garden that leads some room for customization without being an empty space can actually work to encourage buyers towards making that final offer. 

So, What Do You Need To Do?

If you want to give your garden the wow-factor in advance of an official valuation, or you’re slowly building up changes to prepare for selling later on in life, there are a number of big and small changes you can make to do precisely that. From doing a bit of simple gardening to installing a shed or other key selling points, here’s what you can do to add a few extra thousands to the selling price:


Spruce Up Space

increasing property value by having a good garden

First thing’s first, you need to don the gardening gloves and get your hands dirty. While a property just having a garden adds value, you’re unlikely to secure that sale if it’s left in a state when people come to look around your home.

Something as simple as weeding and decluttering can make all the difference, but if you truly want to encourage a sale, you should be considering absolutely anything that gives the illusion that the garden is a useable and adaptable space. Fix any damaged fences, give them a lick of paint and set up ‘props’ like a barbeque and seating to show how space could be used. 

Add Seasonal Colouring

While a low maintenance garden is advised, adding some seasonal potted plants on a patio, keeping the grass mowed and neat and changing up the table or seating cushions and decoration can drive the illusion of a comfortable living space all year-round.

You want things to look put-together and tidy, even if much of the furniture will be taken with you when you move. This will give the potential buyers a clearer idea of what they could have when they move in and set their own furniture and plants around the garden.

Install Some Key Selling Points

If you have a big enough garden, key selling points like a children’s play area, summer house and even permanent seating installed within the garden itself can all go some way to increasing the price and improving saleability. While not every buyer will be looking for any of these features, when presented in the right way, they can add something unique to your property that isn’t available at others they may have viewed.

Get A Shed

garden shed to increase a property value

Following on from the point above, a shed is an invaluable addition to any garden.  While they’ve previously been out of fashion, they’re rapidly gaining traction as a must-have for homebuyers across the country.

The sheer versatility of additional outdoor space is driving the demand, with the potential to turn any shed or summer house into a home office, storage space, additional living areas, more rooms to entertain and, quite frankly, anything that your buyer can think of. By insulating the shed and making it as secure as possible with a proper, lockable door, the value of your property can be heightened simply due to the additional space being provided.

Secure The Garden

secured garden adds to property value

Did you know that the UK alone has a pet-owning population of 12 million households? While not every one of those households will have a dog, cat or another roaming critter, taking the time and investment to secure your garden will open your home as a viable option for those that do.

Pet owners have to bear the safety of their pets in mind, and a garden with a hole in the fence or loose paneling isn’t likely to sit well with them. This can also benefit young children, so keep things safe, secure and tidy to increase saleability.

Give It Privacy

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your garden has some form of privacy, particularly if the house is in a built-up area. If the garden is being overlooked by other homes or buildings, consider adding taller plants and trees around the garden to increase a sense of privacy, or build a shaded area where your buyers can comfortably sit without worrying about whether they are being watched. This will also double up as protection from the rain or scorching sun. 

Increasing the value of your property with your garden and, in particular, a patio or decking area can ensure you’re getting the best possible price for your home. If you’re looking to sell, why not implement a few of these changes before you get a valuation? You never know what difference it could make.

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Looking to sell your home and move on, increasing property value is probably at the forefront of your mind. Here's what you need to know

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