6 Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

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6 Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

There really is no downside to working out more and staying in shape. You’ll improve your heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes, and live longer. In case you need another reason to hit the gym, it can also improve your sex life. Think of exercise as an aphrodisiac that has no bad side effects. 

Even if the only reason you go to the gym is to be better in bed, that’s enough. You’ll also enjoy all the other health benefits, even if you aren’t looking for that. In this article, we will go over the ways that you can be a better lover by exercising.

1. Gets the blood flowing

Alright, this one is for those of you with a penis. Exercise is a great way to bring blood to all parts of your body. There is one part specifically that requires a healthy flow of blood. Your penis will definitely benefit from this increase in blood flow, as this is how erections happen. 

This is what pharmaceuticals like Viagra do for you. It simply increases the blood flow to your penis so you can get an erection. And, yes, you can use Viagra even if you work out as you won’t get a heart attack. That is just one of the many myths around Viagra.

The better shape you are in, the better able you’re going to get an erection. You’ll also be able to maintain your erection for much longer the better shape you are in. This makes for a great experience for you and your partner when you can keep your erection.

2. Build Your Confidence

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When you are in good shape and look good, you feel good. You feel more confident. If you’re a man, then this increases your masculine energy.  

With all of these things clicking, your confidence is through the roof, and you are able to perform better in bed. With the endorphins pumping, you will also last much longer than you ever did before you got more active.

You’re also likely to have sex more often, which promotes a more connected relationship with your partner. And it won’t just be because you feel good about how you look. Your partner will notice the difference and be more likely to initiate sex.

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3. You’ll last longer

Sex is exercise, just like anything else that is a physical activity. And the better shape you’re in, the more stamina you’ll have. Whether it is running farther or having more energy in bed. If your partner is always ready for more, but it takes too much energy to go a second round, then that means you need to increase your stamina to go along with your partner. 

Get more cardio in, and then you can keep up and go to the next level. Keeping an erection for longer, plus having the stamina to use it is a combination that will not go unnoticed. It’s also a great opportunity for females to learn how to ride their toys for longer during sex.

4. Exercise and sex kill stress

Stress is an instant libido killer. When you are having a rough period at work, or things are not going well in other areas for you, the last thing you want to do is have sex. And sex shouldn’t be towards the bottom of your to-do list. 

When you workout, you reduce stress. Whether it is from going to the gym, doing yoga, or playing a sport, exercise keeps the endorphins flowing, and that keeps stress at bay. Then you are more willing to have sex if your partner is also ready.

And then sex itself helps reduce stress, so you end up in a positive infinite loop. Since stress is linked to cardiovascular disease, you are also keeping yourself alive for longer. 

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5. Do More positions

If you are doing a lot of stretching exercises like yoga, then you’re much more limber. Hopefully, your partner is too, because then there are a lot more positions you can choose from. I won’t get into the details, but when you can put your legs somewhere they ordinarily wouldn’t go, then you can find yourself hitting different points for more pleasure for both of you.

You’re also able to hold those positions for longer before muscle fatigue sets in. If you’ve ever looked at the Kamasutra and wondered how they managed to do some of those positions, just remember that yoga started in ancient India!

6. Age Better

Exercise is a great way to add some years to your life. There’s something called a sexual age, which means that even when you are older, you can have sex as if you are much younger. In fact, people in their 60’s that exercise regularly and have regular sex have reported that they feel much younger by decades.


Exercise has a lot of incredible benefits. Not only will it make you feel stronger and healthier, but it will also improve your sex life. You will add quality to your years of life that come from staying fit and having regular sex. That sounds like an amazing deal to me!

6 Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

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