How to Improve your Health and Beauty Naturally

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Health and beauty are naturally linked together. You can be pretty outside, but decaying inside.  However, if you are healthy inside, you give out a radiant glow that transcends beauty trends.

I am not a beauty queen, but I have discovered surefire ways to avoid being ugly. The secret is on prevention. It means staying away from food, toxins and stress factors that can cause wrinkles, acne and other unsightly spots. It also means doing specific activities to avoid being sick. I am a wife, run my restaurant, help in my husband’s fresh produce business, and at night, I write blogs. I can do all these quite successfully, if I may say so, because of discipline and determination.

Let’s get you determined to be beautiful! Here are top five tips:

Get beauty sleep

There is nothing like a good sleep at night. It cannot even be replaced by sleeping through the day. Your minds and bodies were intended to rest during the evening, preferably between 6-8 hours. When you get only minimal sleep, your hormone cycle goes berserk and results in a tired look and a cranky disposition.

Create the mood for sleep. Here is how:

  • Soak in a warm bath;
  • Drink warm milk;
  • Put some relaxing music on;
  • Avoid the news as it will more likely excite or agitate you;
  • Dim the lights.

Sweat beautifully

Toxins are in your bodies, no doubt about that. You expel it in various ways like urination and sweating it out. Perspiration takes care of 20% of the task.

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Get the best out of the exercise. Here is how:

  • Create a schedule, and stick to it. Some exercise in the morning, while others do it at night;
  • Seek professional help. Given your weight, age and health status, you can have a professional trainer create a regimen that is fitted for you;
  • Hydrate while exercising. Remember, you want to flush out toxins, and sweat will only come out if your bodies are hydrated well;
  • Don’t forget to exercise your face. Stretch those muscles, and the best way is to smile;
  • Breathe correctly and consistently. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. At any time during the day, do some breathing exercises;
  • Exercise and relax the mind through yoga or meditation;
  • Even while doing work, like in the office, you can do tummy-tuck exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles;
  • Use stairs when you can instead of elevators;
  • Park a bit farther so you can enjoy a walk in the parking lot;
  • If you work sitting down, stretch every hour by standing up, drinking water or going for a brisk walk outside.

Avoid anything not beautiful.

You are affected by our environment, so try to intentionally avoid anything depressing, or that which can trigger your stress or negative vibes. Minimize stress and stimulants.

Beautify your environment. Here is how:

  • Create your inner circle with good, happy and positive thoughts. When you are inwardly at peace, even the outside environment cannot affect you;
  • Place naturally beautiful things around you, like flowers or plants in your rooms;
  • De-clutter your space. Get rid of anything you haven’t used for a year;
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and can lighten your mood (I like wearing anything floral);
  • Have a supportive group of family and friends to hang out with or enjoy a meal with;
  • Seek professional help if stress distracts you or affects you most times;
  • Manage or compartmentalize your life. Work stays in the office, and personal life remains at home.  If you are overwhelmed by any of both, prioritize.

Avoid ugly chemicals

Make-up and other beauty aids are okay, sometimes even necessary, but be choosy and use only products that will not harm your skin in the long run. These include make-up, shampoo, deodorant, perfumes and the like.

Make sure those beauty aids beautify naturally. Here is how:

  • Choose natural skincare products;
  • Research about the chemicals they contain;
  • List of chemicals to avoid:  parabens,  FD&C or D&C (artificial colorings), phthalates, triclosan and much more.

Even household cleaning products can be toxic. Your bodies absorb them. Here is how to avoid it:

  • Avoid chemicals in pesticides, household cleaners;
  • Use natural cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon;
  • If you need to use products with harmful ingredients, protect yourself by wearing protective clothing and mask.

Some equipment you use for cooking is harmful, and it can be ingested by your bodies. Here is how to avoid that:

  • Use Teflon or non-stick pans instead of metal pans that are not coated;
  • Cook in glass, not in plastic;
  • Use storage containers like jars and not plastic.

Eat to beautify

Eat foods that will get you naturally healthy and happy. The important thing is prevention. Regulate what you eat so it would not have harmful effects on your body.

You are who you eat. Here is how you can get the best of it:

  • Drink loads and loads of water, but do it over the day, and not just a one-time colossal gulp;
  • Eat a balanced diet of vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains;
  • Load up on anti-oxidants to fight diseases and aging. Anti-oxidants are abundant in berries, nuts, seeds, spinach, organic green tea and dark chocolate;
  • Detox by drinking water with squeezed lemon right upon waking up;
  • Eat small meals or snacks every two to three hours, instead of massive portions during meal time. By making sure you are not hungry, you will not over-eat.

Women, in particular, have days when we have a hormone imbalance, usually during days of our menstruation or when pregnant. Hormone imbalance affects our skin, mood, and body weight, giving us a bloated feeling. All these can be improved by proper diet.

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Avoid ‘down’ days, bloated look, haggard appearance and cranky mood. Here is how:

Eat hormone-balancing foods rich in calcium, iron, fiber, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids,  vitamins A, B,  B6, D, and E like the following guide:

Position of the ten superfoods infographic

Foods to avoid to prevent hormone imbalance:

  • Coffee or tea which both contain caffeine;
  • Sugar found in desserts and sodas;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Spicy food

You can be beautiful without the help of chemically-rich supermarket beauty aids. What goes into your body is more important and has more significant effect so eat right, drink up and exercise. And all these are to be done consistently and without fail.  Let this be your healthy lifestyle!

I am not a beauty queen, but I have discovered surefire ways to avoid being ugly. Here are some tips to improve your health and beauty naturally.

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