How to Prepare Your Dog for a Vacation

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When it comes to taking your pet on vacation, dogs are the luckiest. They get to go everywhere, from the lush green countryside to hot, sunny beaches; however, there are many things owners have to do to keep their dogs safe and healthy when away from the family home. Just spend an hour or two preparing your pet for an adventure, and you’ll reap the rewards in no time. Your dog will have a great time too! Let’s look at what you need to take your pet on vacation with you this year.


Before heading off on vacation with your pet, be sure to research the destination to ensure they allow animals. The last thing you want to do is turn up and find out that there is a no dogs allowed policy! Although there are various pet-friendly resorts and campsites around the United States, some hotels don’t allow animals. Furthermore, you’ll want to know if there is enough space to exercise your dog, where you can buy pet food, and the location of the nearest vet in case of emergencies.

Dogs change their behavior when they’re not exercised often, and a once-happy dog can easily change how it acts around people if it is not kept active for a week or two. You must remember that just because you’re relaxing on vacation, that doesn’t mean your dog has to either. Keep them fit and active to ensure you have a great breakaway.

The Journey

Long journeys can also affect how your dog reacts to people, and especially with naturally nervous dogs, it can be a frightening and traumatic experience. On short trips, it’s ok to put your dog in a cage, safely securing them in your car. However, they should be allowed to interact with people in the vehicle across long distances.

Your dog will need plenty of fresh food on the journey, too, so pack enough for that. You should also focus on having enough food and high-quality food. It’s therefore worth looking at some Freshpet dog food reviews before you go to ensure you find them the best you can get. They are certainly going to appreciate that a lot more, and you’ll find they enjoy the journey more as a result.

It would be best if you also allowed plenty of bathroom stops and an extended break for exercise halfway through the journey. Take plenty of water and food with you, and avoid bumpy and rocky roads, as this could further distress your dog.

Micro Chipping

It would be best to get your dog, or cat microchipped before you go on vacation. You know how hard it is to rein your dog back if it has ever broken free from its leash, so losing your dog in a foreign place would be a disaster. By microchipping your pet, it can be quickly returned to you if it is found simply by scanning its body for the device.

They’re a significant investment, and they’re not just for going away on vacation, either. No matter where you take your dog, the chip contains a reference number to its owner, so it can always be returned. Microchips can be purchased and implanted in your dog at your local veterinarian clinic, so be sure to book an appointment with the vet before you go on vacation. For more dog and cat medicines and accessories, visit before your holiday.

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