How to Get Through Your To-Do List Daily

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If you are an overachiever as I am, you know that sick feeling you get at the end of the day when you realize that you are running out of time in the day, and your to-do list is still pretty long. I feel so good when I complete my to-do list for the day, and I feel like crap when I do not complete my list. If you know this feeling, I want to share some easy tips, so you no longer have to worry about that sick feeling you get when your reality does not match up with your expectations with your to-do list.

Make the List Reasonable

Neglecting to make a reasonable to-do list is my biggest crime to date. My lists are so long since I get excited about getting all these items done. The problem is that my to-do list for the day is more like my to-do list for the week. Here is what you need to do to make your list reasonable.


  1. Write out everything you want to get done or the week. Just list it all out to your hearts desire.
  2. Next think about each task and how long it takes you to do each item on average. Write down the time next to each item.
  3. Think about how many working hours you have in the day. Working hours being how much time you work during the day. Not lunch time or breaks.
  4. Divide up your hefty list by times and due dates throughout the week. Give yourself, at least, one extra hour just in case you go over in time for one or two of your projects. That way if you finish your list on time, you can start working on items for the next day.

Make Your Must Do List


After you finish your to-do list for the week, make sure to highlight three items on your list that you MUST do that day. These are your priority items and should be handled first in your day. Having a must -do list ensures that you do not neglect the tasks on your list that are the most important.

Your To-Do List Should Stay with You

I love to-do lists so much I have a habit of having lists from all shapes in forms at one point in time. I have used digital lists, post-it notes, notebooks, agendas, calendars, you name it. I have tried them all. What I find works best for me is doing my to-do lists digitally on my Intel 2-in-1 Lenovo Yoga, but also writing out my to-dos on my white board so I can look at it over and over again. I personally need to write things out for it to be real for me.

I use the One Note tool on my Lenovo Yoga which is perfect for getting your list going and splitting it into different days of the week. And the new Windows 10 version is so cool. I love that I can switch between laptop and tablet mode obviously. But one of my favorite features is the fact that I can Use their virtual desktops feature and always have my to-do list up and ready to go.  When I need a quick check up I can simply snap it in next to my main screen and have my to-do list and my item I am working on the screen at the same time. This is the way to keep your to-do list on you all day!


Set a Timer for Each Task

I actually have a timer going for myself now as I write this article. I use and just set it up under the time wrote next to that to-do item. An Article takes me two hours on average so I make sure I really work during that time so I can get it done and get to the next item on my list. When I am on the clock so to speak, I am focused while I am being timed. This is my little trick to hold myself accountable during the day.

using a timer is a great way to stay on task
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Staying on top of your to-do list can be simple, you just have to be reasonable and prioritize. With he right tools and the

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Finish Your To-Do Lists EveryDay for Good

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