How to Make Moving Light and Easy: Hiring Movers in Chicago

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How to Make Moving Light and Easy_

The best way to move heavy furniture, safes, or pianos is to make sure that those who move them use their wits more than their muscles. First, you need to make sure that there is enough space in your home or stairwell to allow them to pass through. This is to avoid scratches on the parquet, walls or doors. They should plan the strategy for moving a piano, safe or other bulky furniture as it requires patience and specialized care in handling it. It is not easy, but it does not mean that you cannot do it. All it takes is proper research, the right equipment, and enough workforce.

Below are some tips from professional movers that we recommend you to follow.


Packing heavy objects before moving

Packing heavy objects before moving is essential. You need to make sure that there is no damage to the furniture, the walls or the floor. For protection, they use individual soft covers or mattresses to cover the entire surface of the object so they can transport it. Before moving a heavy object, they must empty the contents to make it easier and to avoid possible damage during transport. Read here.

Moving a piano

Most pianos found in homes are of small size, but with a minimum weight of 150 kilograms. The process of relocating a piano requires a team effort, a lot of attention and care. The team must measure the piano on all sides to make sure they can maneuver it around the house, through the staircase and out of the door. After setting the piano move strategy, they must cover it to protect it from scratches. Compared to a safe, a piano is easy to move if you have the correct number of staff to carry the whole thing out. With the help of straps, protection, and care, they can achieve this in no time.

Moving a safe

Depending on the contents of your vault, it is best if you empty it. If there are banknotes, documents or other light items in the vault, it’s okay to leave them there and make sure you lock it. If the contents of the trunk are substantial, it would be best to reduce the total weight of the vault. A heavy safe can weigh about 400 kg, and around six people can handle this with the right equipment. For such operations, it is essential to have strollers, straps, and human resources. Depending on the doors, hallways, stairs, weight, and size of the vault, the team leader sets the strategy. All the people involved must lift the safe, move in small coordinated steps until the safe is secure.


Moving Plasmas or Large LCDs

It is best to move a plasma or an LCD into the original box. If you do not have it, you can protect it with cardboard packaging made by the moving team. For safe transport, pack them in layers containing sponges, cardboard and bubble foil or unique bedding for moving, thick and resistant.

Effective tips

There are professionals like the movers in Chicago IL often uses straps to secure furniture and other bulky objects. You need to make sure that heavy objects are secured. This would make it easier for someone to carry them using straps.

If you encounter problems maneuvering around narrow spaces in the building. There are special lifts that they can use to bring furniture out. The equipment can easily lift and support up to 500 kg. They are usually used for refrigerators, dishwashers, and dryers and other bulky objects.

High-quality lifts are equipped with individual wheels for lowering the stairs. If you stay at home and have a heavy or bulky object to descend from the first floor, it is essential to use a stack to prevent the walls from striking.

Get rid of the stress of moving

Planning to move to a new home or office requires time and effort. It can be very stressful and consumes a lot of energy since there are a lot of things to organize. The fear that something might get damaged, or thinking if you‘ll be able to meet your deadline, as well as the amount of money it involves can make anyone anxious. It is essential to understand what involves a move or transport of furniture, why you need so many resources and what makes it so difficult.


Moving the home is a complicated process for all the reasons listed above. If we understand all the obstacles, a move can take and pay more attention to what needs to be done then everything is possible.

More info:

Moving the home consumes time and energy

If you are a busy person, who works many hours a day with children and pets, arranging furniture for transport is a stressful thing. From deciding what to take and what not to take with you, what you can pack yourself, where to buy protective materials, and when to do everything. On top of that, you need to choose a moving company which may not be easy at all. A method which can reduce your time is to ask price offers from the very beginning from moving companies. A dedicated furniture transport company can help you enormously. They provide useful organizational tips to making a plan that you can follow step by step. It also involves information about cleaning, changing utility contracts and many other valuable things that can get you out of the box.


Moving is expensive

Let’s think of how many boxes, soft covers, mattresses, bubble wraps, and plastic wraps. You would need to cover everything you have in a lifetime. Aside from that, you will need a ton of adhesive tape, stretch film, wrapping paper and more. The list of protective elements can be infinite. Especially if we do not want any of our items or furniture damaged. The simplest way to reduce cost is to get in touch with the movers and ask for the necessary materials.



It is not easy, but it does not mean that you cannot do it. Here are some tips for moving from professional movers that we recommend you to follow.

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