You Need These 4 Hemp Travel Products

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You Need These 4 Hemp Travel Products

When it comes to traveling sustainably, there are all kinds of things we need to take into consideration. We need to think about our mode of transportation and its carbon footprint as well as the environmental policies of our destination. We should consider how easy it is to enjoy a sustainable plant-based diet and lifestyle too. Moreover, we also need to consider the products that we take with us. When you use hemp travel products, you are making a sustainable choice.

Why choose hemp travel products?

Hemp travel products offer sustainable products and versatility.

When many of us think of hemp, we think about online alternatives to Herb Approach. However, there’s more to this wonder plant than buds and edibles. Aside from its versatility, it’s also a very hardy and low-maintenance crop, meaning that very few chemicals are required to grow it. Products made from hemp are also easy to recycle and 100% biodegradable. You can see more about the environmental impact of hemp here

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite hemp travel products!

1. Wild Hemp Canvas Backpack

hemp canvas backpack

Every traveler knows you need a good bag to take with you on the road. A hemp backpack is eco-friendly, fashionable, and practical. This wild hemp canvas backpack features several pockets to help you stay organized and even has a laptop sleeve.

Check out the Nepal Hemp House backpack here!

2. Hemp Pain Relief Cream

hemp pain relief creme

Many of us experience aches and pains when traveling. Long haul flights or long periods behind the wheel can leave our muscles tense and sore. This natural hemp-derived cream not only relieves pain, but also helps to combat the inflammation that’s the cause of the pain. So you can enjoy pain-free travel no matter how far you’re going!

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Buy Ramina Natural Hemp Extract Pain Relief Creme here!

3. Hydrating Hemp Oil

Life Essentials Hemp Seed Oil for Skin Care

Long haul flights can be a nightmare for your skin, especially if you have naturally dry skin. It can leave your skin feeling papery and dehydrated.

Restore your skin’s moisture balance with some awesome hydrating Hemp Seed Moisturizing Serum. The linoleic and oleic acids found in hemp oil can play a crucial role in skin health. In addition to CBD oil, this serum also contains a number of other hydrating and soothing natural ingredients including Vitamins A, C, and E and Omega 3s.

Buy Life Essentials Hemp Seed Moisturizing Serum here!

4. CBD sunscreen

cbd sunblock

We all want to protect our skin from harmful UV rays when we travel. But we also want a natural sunscreen that’s sustainably sourced.

Look no further than this nourishing and hydrating CBD sunscreen that combines 30 SPF UV protection with pure hemp seed oil. Made with cruelty-free and reef-safe processes, it’s a great choice for your skin and the planet.

Order your Makers Of Love Hemp Infused Sunblock now!

hemp travel products amazon list

We hope you enjoy these four incredible hemp travel products the next time you take a trip! If you are looking for more suggestions, check out our Amazon List above. We have some great finds there, including hemp hiking boots and a weed-themed face mask which can be purchased at an online dispensary Canada. We wish you safe and eco-friendly travels!

You Need These 4 Hemp Travel Products

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