How To Have Better Sex By Using Kama Sutra Lessons

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How To Have Better Sex By Using Kama Sutra Lessons

The oldest and most famous of the text group, known as Kama Shastra, the Kama Sutra is the ancient Hindu work and is considered to be the definitive text on human sexuality. The Kama Sutra features more than just the overall fundamentals of sex. Vātsyāyana’s prolific work combines both, prose and poetry verses, designed to provide practical advice on certain aspects of human pleasure. “Kama,” which means sensual or sexual pleasure, is one of the four goals of Hindu life, and “sutra,” which is a collection of aphorisms, makes this an all-inclusive guide on love, pleasure, and family life.

No matter if you’re looking for the ultimate, mind-blowing orgasm or a more metaphysical and spiritual bond, the Kama Sutra is chock-full of everything you need to obtain the passion and/or love you desire. It also comes with interesting illustrations and plenty of useful, step-by-step instructions tailor-made to boost the pleasure and intimate connection you share with your partner. From this ancient Hindu work, you can enhance your love, sex, and relationship in general.


According to Hindu Human Rights, the Kama Sutra introduces us to what some Indian philosophies consider the four main goals of life or purusharthas, which entails the Dharma or virtuous living; Artha, meaning material prosperity; Kama, which symbolizes aesthetic and erotic pleasure; and Moksha, the last principle, which signifies liberation. The Dharma, Artha, and Kama are goals that we should aim for in our everyday lives, while Moksha is released from the cycle of death and rebirth. While Dharma, or virtue, is the primary goal, a secure life, or Artha, is the second, and pleasure, or Kama, is the least important.

Under the conditions of the Kama Sutra, these objectives must be followed, in order to achieve results. In line with observing these motives, followers of the Kama Sutra believe that virtue surpasses making money, but earning a living takes precedence over pleasure. With this ideology, those who subscribe to Kama Sutra learn to make a living and pursue pleasure while they’re young, moving on to the pursuit of virtue as they grow old—a thought process that is applicable to every aspect of one’s life, particularly in the realm of love and sex.

Sex Positions

After the first five chapters on the aims and priorities of life, the Kama Sutra spices things up with details on sexual positions, moves, and behaviors, and the description of 64 unique sex acts. Naturally, this segment of the manual is the most explored and popular among its readers. Throughout its 10 chapters, the Kama Sutra takes aim at the sexual merger of a couple, as Cosmopolitan shows us. It also displays how the stimulation of desire, a range of different embraces, ways of caressing, and kissing can sexually help our relationships.

In addition, the Kama Sutra features moves that can be used in conjunction with other kinky sex acts. While not all the sex positions showcased in the Kama Sutra can be achieved by everyone, the sitting position, man on top, woman on top, and side position are all relatively easy for any couple to pull off, claims Adam & Eve in this article. As a result, these are best for beginners or those new to the practice of Kama Sutra.

Unlike the first three chapters that precede the ten on the sexual needs of men, the sixth and seventh parts of the Kama Sutra can be applied to both sexes, claims the Huffington Post. They offer constructive advice for picking intimate partners, finding a mate for life, and re-kindling an old love. The last bit of the Kama Sutra even provides readers with useful tips on revamping one’s physical attractiveness to arouse and provoke sexual pleasure.


With the Kama Sutra, you get the perfect instructions for attaining the love, sex, and prosperity you want, while maintaining your virtue—all of which are vital to having a pleasant, productive life.

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How To Have Better Sex By Using Kama Sutra Lessons

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