8 Best Ways to Handle Hit-and-Run Accidents in Fishers, Indiana

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8 Best Ways to Handle Hit-and-Run Accidents in Fishers, Indiana

Hit-and-run accidents in Fishers, Indiana, can be sort of traumatic and overwhelming, leaving victims confused and unsure of how to proceed. In such a case, the websites of Fisher’s personal injury lawyers https://slgaccidentattorneys.com/ are excellent libraries of knowledge. At any rate, knowing how to handle these situations properly is crucial to protect your rights and receive the necessary support. This article will provide practical guidance on how to handle hit-and-run accidents effectively.

Despite its friendly spirit, urban vibrancy, and rural charm, Indiana has its fair share of problems. The “Cro” roads of America” are a unique blend of natural landscapes and breathtaking drivable roads cutting through rolling hills and passing alongside numerous lakes of the state. However, a concerning trend casts its shadow over the cheerful undertones of the state: Indiana has a persistent problem with hit-and-run accidents. In 2022 alone, Indiana recorded more than 4,000 deaths as a result of car accidents.

Best Ways to Handle Hit-and-Run Accidents

1. Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

In the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident in Fishers, Indiana, it’s crucial to remain calm to assess the situation accurately. Firstly, ensure that you and your passengers are safe. Check for any injuries and seek medical attention if necessary. If you can, move your vehicle to a nearby safe location, away from traffic.

2. Gather All The Possible Information You Can

While it may seem challenging in a hit-and-run scenario where the responsible driver flees the scene, gathering as much information as possible is crucial. Try to note down or memorize critical details such as the make, model, color of the vehicle involved, and even its license plate number if visible.

Look around for any witnesses who might have observed the incident. If they are willing to testify or provide additional details about what happened, speak with them politely and request their contact information.

3. Notify the Authorities

Contacting law enforcement is vital in the aftermath of hit-and-run accidents because an official police report can significantly assist with insurance claims and potential legal proceedings later on.

When reporting an incident, provide law enforcement personnel with all available related information, including details about both vehicles involved (if known), any witnesses present at the scene, the estimated time of occurrence, etc.

4. Document the Scene

While waiting for authorities to arrive at the scene of a hit-and-run accident, it’s crucial to document everything as thoroughly as possible. Take pictures or videos using your smartphone or any other device within reach.

Snap photos of your vehicle from different angles, showcasing visible damage caused by the collision. It is advisable to capture wider shots that exhibit elements of the surrounding area, such as skid marks or debris. These images can significantly support your insurance claim.

5. Identify Potential Video Surveillance

Nowadays, many road intersections, parking lots, highways, and residential areas have CCTV cameras installed to monitor activities and ensure public safety. Take note of any surveillance cameras near the accident scene that might have captured footage of the hit-and-run incident.

Contact nearby businesses or residences and verify if they possess video surveillance systems that could potentially contain relevant evidence. Remember to maintain communication with law enforcement so that they can retrieve such footage based on their investigative procedures.

6. Notify Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company to report the hit-and-run accident and initiate the claim process immediately. Please provide them with all the information collected at the scene, including witness statements, photographs, and any other evidence you gathered.

Remember that each insurance policy might have specific requirements regarding hit-and-run accidents, so make sure you are familiar with your coverage details. Most importantly, report the incident promptly, as delay may negatively impact your claim’s viability.

7. Seek Legal Counsel From a Personal Injury Attorney in Fishers, Indiana

If you are injured or facing challenges in dealing with your insurance company in resolving a hit-and-run accident claim, seeking legal counsel might be necessary. An experienced personal injury attorney can help protect your interests and guide you through the legal process.

8. Cooperate with Law Enforcement and Insurance Investigative Processes

After reporting the hit-and-run accident to law enforcement and your insurance company, it’s essential to cooperate closely with both investigations. Provide any additional information or documentation required promptly and adhere to any requests made by the authorities.

Law enforcement may investigate similar incidents in the area and may reach out later for more details if they identify the responsible driver or find any leads. Your insurance company will also investigate the incident, including gathering evidence, assessing damages, and determining fault.

Cooperating with these processes is crucial to ensuring a comprehensive investigation, which increases the likelihood of identifying the fleeing driver and maximizes your chances of receiving compensation.


Handling hit-and-run accidents requires preparation and knowing what steps to take in such a distressing situation. By staying calm, gathering information, documenting relevant details promptly, and reaching out to law enforcement and concerned parties, struggling victims can improve their chances of recovering from losses caused by these unfortunate events. With a proper understanding of handling hit-and-runs, everyone can confidently navigate difficult situations that arise should they become victims themselves.

8 Best Ways to Handle Hit-and-Run Accidents in Fishers, Indiana

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