Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Robotics [Video]

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Halloween is just a couple of weeks away! If you checked out last week’s tutorial (and you loved it, right?), you might have already decided you are going to be a skeleton or sugar skull. If you still haven’t decided, then you’re in luck. This week’s tutorial is all about robotics. The makeup techniques are slightly more advanced, but only by just a fraction. These looks are part of the three-dimensional world! Along with the normal cosmetics you already have, I’ve added acrylic paint, pearls, and cotton.

steampunk halloween makeup
Steam Punk Makeup End Result Credit: Daniella Gudino

Look Three: Steam Punk

Cosmetics Used:

Steps Completed:

  1. Create an outline for your face.
  2. Paint the space you’ve created with the gold paint.
  3. Draw the gears with a black pencil and fill the spaces with black eye shadow.
  4. Cover your face in your foundation and outline your eyes with an exaggerated technique. Don’t forget to darken the eyebrows and lips.
  5. Outline your cheeks with brown eye shadow, and highlight your nose, cupid’s bow, and chin with white eye shadow.
  6. Add the pearls for a “screw” effect.


Finish the look with a vintage dress, goggles, and combat boots. And a top hat if you can find one! Your hairstyle should match your dress style. Down for pants, up for a dress.

Look Four: Cyborg

Cosmetics Used:

halloween cyborg makeup
Cyborg Makeup End Result Credit: Daniella Gudino

Steps Completed:

  1. Outline the scrape.
  2. Mix black and white paint to get gray and fill the outline you’ve created.
  3. Draw in your robotic details.
  4. Add highlights with white paint and shadows with black eyeshadow.
  5. Shred cotton to create a skin, and glue it to your outline.
  6. Cover the cotton with your foundation. And depth with black eyeshadow.
  7. Create red scrapes with red lipstick and black eyeshadow.


Complete the look with a black blouse, black jeans, and pumps. Top it with a black leather jacket. Sleek back your hair into a power ponytail.

I know, acrylic paint? It’s not just for canvases. I prefer acrylics to most cream Halloween makeup simply because it dries quickly and doesn’t smear. Don’t use it on your entire face, only on a small section. And be sure to test it on the inside of your wrist for any negative reactions. The paint is not going to last more than just a few hours, and washing it off is ridiculously easy because it peels and flakes. Use a paper towel to rub off as much as you can, and then wash the rest off with basic soap. The cotton and pearls will peel off very easily, so be careful when you’re scratching your face before you take them off.

Visit Miss Millennia Magazine all month long for everything you need to know about Halloween. Comment down below and tell me tutorial you’d like me to make easy and show you!


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Halloween Makeup Tutorial Robotics [Video]

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