5 Romantic Getaways In The Pacific Northwest

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5 Romantic Getaways In The Pacific Northwest

Are you looking for a romantic getaway along the Washington coast? Or a romantic escape with mountain views, outdoor activities, and ocean views? Then it may be time for you and your honey to plan a getaway for a romantic vacation along the Pacific Northwest. There are so many things to see in the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe it’s for an anniversary celebration, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or couples’ time. But where can you go that isn’t overcrowded, touristy, or expensive? In this article, let me take you to a magical, beautiful, relatively cheap part of North America for romantic getaways: the Pacific Northwest!

Yes, a couples getaway in the Pacific Northwest is an absolute must. However, if you don’t live within driving distance of these romantic destinations, use Momondo to get the best deals on flights from your city to a central hub like Seattle or Portland. 

Taking a couples getaway to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is excellent for many reasons, which I’ll outline below. From the Olympic mountains located on the Olympic Peninsula (part of the Olympic National Park), perfect for whale watching, to San Juan Island and everything in between, you’ll be impressed by what the PWN offers and the variety of romantic packages there are to choose from.

1. Spokane, Washington

Spokane, Washington, also known as the “Lilac City,” is an excellent choice for couples looking for a romantic weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Would you believe me if I told you Spokane, WA is one of the best cities in the country for newlyweds? Spokane ranks #26 out of the top 300 cities for newlyweds. Spokane, with its natural beauty, thriving arts scene, and varied choice of activities, has something for every wedding couple.

Spokane’s lovely natural surroundings are one of its features. Riverside State Park, just a short drive from downtown, features over 10,000 acres of stunning landscapes, including the scenic Spokane River. Couples can stroll along the river, go hiking or bicycling on the park’s many pathways, or even horseback riding together.

So if you’re looking for the perfect couples getaway in the Pacific Northwest, you must visit Spokane. Here are some fantastic things you can do while you’re there.

Beautiful Parks

What better to enjoy the lovely Lilac City as a couple than taking in the gorgeous sights at Manito Park? Manito Park is a beautiful place with 90 acres and features an arboretum, botanical gardens, a Japanese Garden, and the famed Rose Hill, with over 1500 rose bushes representing over 150 varieties. 

If you prefer to have your romantic getaway closer to a city, don’t worry—downtown Spokane also has a great park. Downtown Spokane is amid a complete revitalization, from a revamped Skating Ribbon to new park features, signs, landscaping, wine tasting, and much more. But, of course, there’s also always something to do in downtown Spokane at Riverfront Park. From Pig Out in the Park during the summer months to ice skating and free winter movies in the winter, there are plenty of events out there.

rose garden at manito park in spokane, washington

Mizuna’s Bar

After visiting one of Spokane’s many beautiful parks, you might be thinking about dinner and a nightcap, so why not head over to one of our favorite romantic date nights in Spokane—award-winning Mizuna? Surprise: it’s also downtown!

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As mentioned in this Mizuna review, I love this bar because there’s something for everyone. In addition to offering delicious meat-centric dishes, Mizuna also provides a vegetarian (and vegan)-friendly menu, incorporating incredible, tasty options that make you not miss the meat.

Wiley’s Bistro

You’ll want to stop by Wiley’s American Bistro for happy hour in Spokane. But don’t let its name trick you into thinking you’re getting plain American food. On the contrary, Wiley’s food is tasty, and the cocktails are even better. Take a look at all of the drink options below that you can get at Wiley’s—and this doesn’t even begin to cover their wine list.


Depending on the time of year, you may be able to enjoy the winter wonderland Spokane is known for—a cozy, warm igloo. 

The Davenport Grand in downtown Spokane brings out the cozy igloos in the wintertime and offers couples the chance to rent their igloo, receive personalized service, and a credit of $100 toward food and drinks. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle their sweetie in an igloo-like this? Maybe this is why it’s known as one of the most romantic hotels in the Pacific Northwest!

Since you’re at the Davenport anyway, head to the Historic Davenport Hotel for a one-of-a-kind experience. Splurge on the Honeymoon Suite and be treated to a heart-shaped jetted soaking tub for two, a wet bar, and views of beautiful downtown Spokane. It will indeed be a night to remember!

Art and Culture 

Spokane has an excellent arts environment for couples interested in arts and culture. The Spokane Symphony Orchestra performs classical and contemporary music regularly, and the Spokane Civic Theatre produces a variety of theatrical productions throughout the year. Through its displays, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture provides an insight into the region’s rich history and culture.


Foodies will have much to choose from in Spokane. The city has a thriving culinary scene, with a vast range of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. There’s something for every palate, from farm-to-table dining to foreign flavors. Don’t forget to try the local wines and craft breweries, as Spokane is part of Washington’s famed wine region.


Regarding accommodation, Spokane offers a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. From luxury hotels with elegant suites and top-notch amenities to cozy bed and breakfasts with a personalized touch, there is something for every couple. Many establishments also offer romantic packages, including champagne, chocolates, and unique room decorations, to make your stay even more memorable. 

2. Hoh Rainforest, Washington

Looking for a couples getaway in Washington that’s a little more outdoorsy? The west side has you covered with beautiful national parks! For example, you can visit the National Park Hoh Rainforest, tucked away on a stretch of the Pacific Northwest. 

Yes, I said rainforest! There are hikes for all skill levels and beautiful views to enjoy as you do so.

If the area around the rainforest looks a little familiar, then you know your Twilight movies. Forks, a town less than an hour from the park, is where the Twilight Saga occurred (although it wasn’t filmed there). So if you want to live out your version of Bella and Edward (or Bella and Jacob, no judgment), Forks and the Hoh Rainforest is your place to visit.

Hoh Rain Forest, Washington

Other Nearby Attractions

After you’ve taken a road trip around Forks and the Hoh Rain Forest, it’s time to get warmer at the hot springs. At the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, you and your partner can relax among the heated mineral pools (look out for slippery river rocks!), gorgeous mountains, and soaring evergreen trees. I told you the Pacific Northwest was romantic!

There’s nothing like sharing blankets under the stars at night and camping in a rainforest. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t worry. You can always stay at the Kalaloch Lodge in the park, one of Washington’s best northwest weekend getaways! 

3. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Grab your passports and head north because you bet Canada has some gorgeous couples’ getaway locations in the Pacific Northwest! I’ll let my friend Janine of Janine in the World talk about her hometown and why it’s the perfect place for a romantic couples’ getaway in the PNW:

“Whether you’re the type of couple that prefers outdoor adventures or to appreciate nature from the comfort of a luxurious hotel room, Victoria is the perfect destination. With incredible scenery, and a thriving downtown hub full of boutique shops and farm-to-table restaurants, you’ll quickly fill your itinerary and bellies.

“For an unforgettable day in Victoria, start by experiencing the brunch scene at Blue Fox Café. Then, slip on your hiking boots and head to Mount Doug Park. This mountain is more of a hill by PNW standards, but the views from the top are gorgeous.

mount douglass park, victoria, british columbia, canada

“In the afternoon, head downtown to poke around in the shops and appreciate the historic buildings. Squeeze through Fan Tan Alley and check out the boutiques in Market Square. For dinner, head to the Tapa Bar and nibble on delectable bites while sipping cocktails. If you’re not ready to call it a night, head to Canoe Club to enjoy a few drinks and catch a live band.”

4. Leavenworth, Washington

Picture this: a Bavarian village ringed by towering, majestic mountains. You are attending an Oktoberfest to rival the best in the world, petting a real reindeer, and staying in a quaint Bavarian lodge while you watch people in horse-drawn carriages during the winter. 

But I thought this article was about romantic getaways in the Pacific Northwest. So why are you describing Germany to me? Although this town may look like Germany, it’s actually in Washington!

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in and around Leavenworth. Mount Rainier National Park is a short drive away, known for its breathtaking landscapes and hiking trails. The Columbia River Gorge is another must-visit destination with its scenic beauty and waterfalls. Additionally, the nearby North Cascades National Park offers opportunities for hiking, biking, and exploring the pristine wilderness.

reindeer at Leavenworth, Washington in the winter


Leavenworth, WA has a unique history: facing the threat of extinction in the 1960s, all the townspeople agreed to transform Leavenworth’s appearance from a dying railroad town into a charming, adorable Bavarian village. Yes, although that story seems incredible today, the townspeople of Leavenworth agreed to a significant facelift and wholly renovated the downtown area, introduced festivals like Manifest and (of course) Oktoberfest, and embraced their unique, new town.

However, since Leavenworth is somewhat in the middle of Washington state (roughly two hours from Seattle), it’s still not as popular as some better-known locations for Oktoberfest. 

But whether you and your sweetie are visiting for Oktoberfest or one of the many other adorable celebrations in Leavenworth, there are plenty of romantic things to do.

Food & Drink

After indulging in some beer at the Rhein Haus, go to The Watershed Cafe with its Pacific Northwest-focused menu. Of course, every menu is different, but you can get an idea of their delicious food (suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters) by viewing their sample menu here.

Where to Stay

And what romantic getaway in Washington state would be complete without a luxurious stay in an everything-done-for-you bed and breakfast in Leavenworth? So if you want to be completely pampered, get a room at the Abendblume, voted Best Bed and Breakfast in the Northwest. 

Make it extra luxurious by booking the Sleeping Beauty room, which offers a two-person whirlpool hot tub and views of the mountains with a wrap-around 50-foot balcony. Cozy up to your sweetie in front of the in-room wood-burning fireplace, then wake up to a full traditional breakfast with tasty pancakes and apple syrup.

5. Yachats, Oregon

If you didn’t think we would be going cozy small town with this list of romantic getaways in the Pacific Northwest, think again! Yachats (pronounced Yah-hots) is a coastal city in Oregon that is much less crowded than its more expensive Cannon Beach counterpart. Look at this adorable video below—how could you not want to visit?

Regarding places to stay, we recommend getting a lovely cottage on the beach using Airbnb. While there are places to stay in town, nothing beats living like a beach town local. 

Some options are reasonably priced and pet-friendly, so if you bring your furry friend, you’ll find a welcoming house here! Also, the views at many Airbnb rentals are incredible. So grab a glass of wine or mug of tea and sit in the living room to watch the sunset.

Regarding places to eat, you absolutely can’t go wrong if you love to fish. Our top recommendations? The Luna Sea Fish House in Yachats. If you’re looking for locally harvested, fresh seafood, you’ll want to visit them.

If you’re willing to drive a little farther north, you can’t miss visiting the PNW-famous Moe’s Seafood and Chowder! Moe’s is best known for its clam chowder. However, they have other excellent, hearty seafood options, including shrimp grilled cheese. 

Moe’s is more of a casual-fare type place, with extended seating for a great sense of community. As a bonus, most of Moe’s locations are located directly on the water. So you get views for days!

Finally, if you’re looking for something more unique, head to the Oregon Oyster Farms in Newport, OR (roughly a 20-minute drive from Yachats) to get your oysters to take home and enjoy. It’s a simple store but offers a beautiful opportunity to try something unique and fresh.

Romantic Getaways in the Pacific Northwest

As you can see, there are plenty of romantic getaways in Oregon and Washington. From the coastal parts of Washington and Oregon (hello, ocean view) to the warmer, mountainous eastern areas (check out the hiking trails), there’s a romantic getaway perfect for you.

To add a touch of romance, consider taking a boat ride on Lake Washington or exploring the nearby islands. Salish Lodge, overlooking Snoqualmie Falls, is a favorite spot for couples seeking a unique experience with modern amenities. A boat ride to Friday Harbor House on San Juan Island allows you to enjoy the beauty of Puget Sound while indulging in delicious meals and spa treatments.

No matter where you choose to stay or what activities you decide to pursue, Leavenworth and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of options for couples looking for the best romantic weekend getaways. From the serene Lake Quinault Lodge nestled in the heart of the Olympic National Forest to the long beaches of the Long Beach Peninsula, there is a special place for every couple to create unforgettable memories. So pack your bags and embark on a romantic break in Leavenworth, Washington, where romance and adventure await.

Don’t forget to use Airbnb to find a place to stay while you’re on your memorable trip for two. There are so many great options in the PWN for you. Staying in a cute apartment or cozy cottage is more romantic than a standard hotel room.

To get there cheaply, check out Momondo for their flights and car rentals.

Weekend getaways are ideal for couples. So if you’re looking for romantic getaways in the Pacific Northwest, you won’t go wrong with one of our recommendations. Whether you want to camp among the trees and go on a hike, visit wine country, or if you want to take it easy eating oysters while watching the sunset on the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of romantic opportunities to do so.

Which Pacific Northwest weekend trip will you be planning next?

5 Romantic Getaways In The Pacific Northwest

Melissa Berry runs the popular Washington state blog Everyday Spokane, where she covers what it’s like to move to and live in Spokane, WA. When she’s not exploring Spokane, she makes sure to visit every unique place around the Pacific Northwest! Her favorite romantic getaway is camping under the stars or balling at a local Spokane resort. You can reach out to her at EverydaySpokane.com.

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